Top 5 Halloween Costume Ideas Sure To Scare Your Friends

All Hallows Eve is supposed to be about frights, right? This year, creep out your friends with one of these scary costumes.

This Halloween, do you want to scare the crap out of everyone you come across? Whether you are going trick or treating with your friends or attending a Halloween party, you’ll give anyone nightmares in these scary costumes.

1.) Pennywise the Clown


Stephen King’s classic horror flick It has returned this year and is killing the box office. To dress up like the shapeshifting murderous clown Pennywise, try a yellow jumpsuit with a ruffled collar and orange fuzzy buttons. A white mask and white gloves are essential. Don’t forget about the red hair or wig. Draw on slanted eyebrows and grab a red balloon. If you don’t want to buy the individual pieces, Amazon sells a pretty realistic complete Pennywise costume.

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2.) Regan from Exorcist

Regan The Exorcist

An easy yet terrifying costume is Regan from Exorcist. You probably have everything that you need at home to pull off this look. Go with a long granny night dress. Choose one with a floral print if possible. For the green ‘vomit’ on the front of the dress, you can mash up peas and balsamic vinegar. This will look and smell like the real thing. If you have white contacts, wear them. For the base, go with pale or green makeup and brown or purple eyeshadow. Line your eyes with a red eyeliner to finish the look.

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3.) The White Nun With Bloody Tears

Nun With Bloody Tears AHS

The White Nun from American Horror Story is no doubt one of the creepiest sisters out there. She’ll haunt you at night with those crying black eyes. To get her look, don a white gown or t-shirt. Cover your hair with a plain white scarf. Apply a white makeup base all over your face, follow up with black eyeliner, shadow and black paint for the bloody tears. This will bring even other scary costumes to tears!

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4.) Creepy Nurse from Silent Hill

Nurse From Silent Hill

The creepy nurse from Silent Hill is one of the most terrifying things out there. You’ll scare anyone you come across with this costume. Since this demonic nurse is scary yet erotic, first pick out a sexy nurse outfit. For the makeup, start with a green base layer. Then, go with dark makeup for the eyes and rest of the face. Use red paint to smear blood on your chest and arms. Take small packets of soy sauce and spill them down the front of the dress. Use scissors to fray the ends of the dress. Throw on a pair of ripped black tights and comfortable white shoes to finish the look.

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5.) The Grady Twins

Grady Twins The Shining

The Grady Twins from The Shining are two of the evilest sisters ever. If you plan to go to a party with a friend, this is a fun idea to try. Start with a blue dress similar to this one from Amazon. Smear a little red paint on the front for a more realistic look. For the final touch, choose white ankle socks with ruffles or white knee socks and a pair of black Mary Jane shoes. Don’t forget the white bow or barrette for your hair.

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