Top 5 Halloween Costume Ideas For Boys

From Batman to baseball player, we've got all the best costume ideas for the boys in your family this Halloween season. Trick or treat!

Halloween is almost here! That means it’s time to round up all your great ideas on costumes for your kids. Plus, as a parent you can sneak some of their candy goodies after the big night of fun. Most of the time your little ones will have an idea of what they might want to be, but it’s then up to you to find the best costume that represents their idea. With boys many of the traditional costumes are popular from sports stars to superheroes. Movies that are popular are also a big influence on who the boys want to be on this cherished and ghoulish holiday.

We love all costume ideas here at Top 5, but if you are going to purchase one online it’s helpful to know you’re getting a high quality outfit. Here are the Top 5 costume ideas for boys this Halloween season that will have your little one super excited about dressing up.

5.) Baseball Sports Star

This is a super easy costume to execute, especially if your son plays little league baseball. You already have the hat, pants, stirrups, socks, and sneakers for him to wear. You just have to purchase the jersey of the sports star they like best.

If they are a baseball fan, then they probably have many favorite players. So for example, if they are a “World Series Champion 2016” Chicago Cubs fan you might want to buy the jersey of Kris Bryant or Tony Rizzo for a great and authentic look. Or if they want to go more old fashioned with their costume, you can buy this cool one from Amazon called A League Of Their Own Child Jimmy Costume. It represents 1940s baseball at its best for your little Casey at the bat! It’s definitely a “take me out to the ball game” moment while your boys trick or treat.

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4.) Ninja

We don’t know what it is about little boys but they just love to play ninja! Must be all those Lego Ninjago sets and video games they’re interested in. Getting a ninja outfit together is pretty easy to do. Is it possible for your son to be the most adorable ninja on the block? Absolutely! You can find this costume at Amazon called the Stealth Ninja Costume For Boys. It’s head-to-toe black with red accents and even comes with its own belt, mask, and red bandanas for around the ankles and wrists. You’ll want to buy a separate ninja sword to complete the look. This toy ninja kit is perfect, also from Amazon.

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3.) Scary Clown

On the heels of the hit movie It from Stephen King that just came out, boys this year are going to want to mimic the scary clown, called Pennywise. You don’t have to get that crazy scary with it. Skip the rubber mask, because a clown costume with some slightly scary makeup is perfect. This Horror Clown Kid Costume will do the trick. It’s a little old fashioned looking with just the right pants, shirt, hat, and bag that goes with it. You’ll have to find giant clown shoes yourself if they want to go really over-the-top with the look. Purchase this costume for your adorably scary clown at Amazon.

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2.) Batman

Super heroes continue to reign in the costume world and one that is very popular with the kids is Batman. Of course the DC Justice League movie is about to come out this November, but Batman is probably the number one DC superhero for boys to dress up as. Rubie’s DC Comics Batman Costume is perfect from Amazon. It’s got the whole getup including jumpsuit, shoe covers, mask, and the all-important cape to strut around in. Your little boy will feel like the ultimate capped crusader with this high quality costume we love.

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1.) Spider-Man

Is your son more DC or Marvel? If you don’t know the difference make sure you ask him! With the success of Spider-Man: Homecoming this summer, you can’t get away from the Marvel Spider-Man references everywhere. Your son is going to want to be this high slinging web shooter to fulfill his superhero fantasies. This costume from Amazon called the Rubie’s Spiderman Homecoming Child’s Costume, is specifically modeled after the latest movie. It even has the cool web wings Tom Holland, as Spider-Man, sported in the movie! How cool is that? We think this is definitely going to be the most popular boys costume of this 2017 Halloween season.

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