Top 5 guitar solos of all time

By Paul Rizo January 15, 2013 View all posts (1)
Everyone likes a good guitar solo. So here’s the songs that contain the top 5 guitar solos of all time. IMHO of course

5 Eruption

Van Halen, need I say more. Ah but I will cause it would be a shame not to. A giant in the guitar world, a master and this song speaks to all that and more.

4 Crossroads

Couldn’t leave Eric Clapton out of this list.

3 While My Guitar Gently Weeps

George Harrison plays it like a boss here.

2 Purple Haze

Excuse me, while I rock out to this amazing solo. Jimi created his own unique style that has been copied by many famous guitarists over the years. His guitar work in this song is one of the reasons why.

1 Johnny B. Goode

Love this solo. It was made famous in my generation from the movie Back to the Future. Made me wanna learn guitar just to play this solo!

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