Top 5 Grossest Restaurant Revelations

Image credit Fox News
Thanks to the advent of mobile photo and video technology, seemingly everything is recorded these days. Now that nearly every man, woman and child has a high quality camera forever at their side, we have seen a massive spike in the amount of photos and videos being posted online.

Without our smart phones we would never have seen that cat fall into the fish tank. We’d never know exactly what our friends’ babies were doing every five minutes. And perhaps most importantly, we’d never know about all of the horrible things going on behind the scenes at chain restaurants.

A recent spate of troubling pictures and videos taken at popular eateries have warned the public that there is some seriously appalling stuff happening to our food that we might want to be aware of.

5 McDonald’s

Image credit DailyMail

This may have happened halfway across the world, but it was such a special kind of messed up that it just HAD to make the list. Recently, when an employee at a McDonald’s in Croatia died of a heart attack (McDonald’s and heart disease? What a shocking combination), his body was simply moved aside and food service kept right on going. The lesson here? It takes more than a human carcass to slow down Mickey D’s. The body was shoved to the corner, where a sheet was placed over it and business as usual kept right on going until the coroners arrived an hour and a half later.

4 Domino’s

Image credit DailyMail

Over the last few years, Domino’s has made a concerted effort to change their reputation. Complete overhauls in their recipes and customer service have spurred the company’s efforts to rebrand and be taken a bit more seriously as a go-to spot for pizza. And the results? Well, it’s kind of okay now… still not great. But hey, they tried! Besides, if we’re looking at the most troubling thing to come out of Domino’s, it isn’t their lackluster food. It’s this video that shows an employee wiping his butt with a dish sponge, sticking cheese up his nose and farting on pepperoni. Come on guy, there is simply no reason on earth to sully the good name of pepperoni.

3 Wendy’s

Image credit Business Insider

Wendy’s is famous for their fresh, never-frozen hamburgers and their delicious trademark Frosty. The whipped, soft-serve treat isn’t quite a shake and it isn’t quite ice cream—it’s somewhere in between and it’s always tasty. Though it may not be so high on your list of fast food desserts after seeing this; a recent picture posted to Reddit shows a Wendy’s employee taking some time out to enjoy a bit of vanilla Frosty himself. It would be a harmless way to enjoy a quick break from the long workday if he weren’t drinking the frozen delight straight from the tap. Nice, kid. Keep that up and karma might just repay you a serious case of diabetes.

2 Taco Bell

Image credit Fox News

The average Taco Bell customer’s life is fairly simple; get high, go to Taco Bell, order a reprehensible amount of food and deal with the requisite shame and aggressive bowel movements later. They’re already eating strange mystery meats wrapped up in faux-Mexican creations, the last thing they need to find out it that the pimply punk behind the counter has been pre-licking their food. But a recent photo posted to the company’s Facebook page showed just that—a young employee committing an act tongue-terrorism against a stack of yet-to-be-used taco shells.

1 Golden Corral

Image credit NY Daily News

Okay, first off, let’s start by acknowledging the fact that if you’re eating at a restaurant where you can have lo mein, nachos and surf and turf on the same plate, it’s already pretty gross. All of these chain buffet places manage to churn out a ridiculous amount of food, so it only makes sense that some less-than-savory things might be happening behind closed doors. Case in point, a recent video shot by a rogue Golden Corral employee shows an abundance of already questionable food being stored outside in the dumpster area in order to keep it hidden from visiting health inspectors.

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