Top 5 Grossest Food Fads

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North Americans love food. Sometimes we love it so much that we go a little batty and get carried away. Some food fads are delicious, like chocolate and deep-fried anything, but occasionally a food fad comes along that makes a sane mind wonder what happened to good taste. The top five grossest food fads include diets, obsessions and exotic foods you might be forced to include in your regular diet.

5 Jellyfish

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In Asia, folks have been eating jellyfish for thousands of years, but other cultures are more reluctant to give them a try. That’s about to change with jellyfish popping up on exotic food menus all over the world. Because our waters are becoming pretty barren due to overfishing, pollution and climate change, some of our tasty favorites will disappear. These tasty fish will be replaced by more exotic, less delicious species already invading aquatic habitats, like jellyfish. Apparently jellyfish feels like really tough cucumber or cartilage, but if you slice it really thinly and marinated it in oils and spices, it makes a tasty salad. Don’t cook it. It’s a cold salad. Did you just puke a little? Bugs are starting to sound a little less gross.

4 Bugs

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Aside from adventurous travel cuisine or curious childhood taste tests, you can’t usually get a person to eat bugs without monetary incentive. Insect cuisine has drifted in and out of fashion with food fadders, but soon it may not be a choice. The Food and Agriculture Organization has been considering bugs as a source of protein since 2003, and says that creepy crawlies might be essential to feeding the planet in the future. On the plus side, bugs are nutritious, numerous and better for the environment than processing other protein sources. On the down side, let’s imagine a dinner that includes crunching on scorpions, beetles, worms and spiders. Hungry? Didn’t think so.

3 Baby Food

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The baby food diet isn’t a new fad, but it’s picked up some popularity steam recently. The diet involves eating pureed fruits and vegetables 14 times a day. While it might be full of nutrients and good-for-you stuff, baby food isn’t meant for grown people who are able to chew and digest regular food, and most of us wouldn’t eat it willingly anyway. Have you ever tried baby food? It’s disgusting. No taste, no texture, no flavor; just smooth awfulness. And don’t forget, this diet requires you to shovel it into your mouth 14 times a day. No wonder babies throw up so much.

2 Cabbage Soup Images

Cabbage soup might be considered edible once, but imagine eating that limp, smooshy stuff all day, every day for a week. The cabbage soup diet is a food fad that has come and gone for years, and involves eating all the cabbage soup you can spoon down your gullet, and nothing else. Sure it’s cheap and easy, and you might lose some weight, but think of the amount of time you spend on the toilet from eating all that lovely, gas-inducing cabbage.

1 Bacon Explosion

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Bacon is awesome. Bacon is amazing. Bacon is dreamy. However, bacon has limitations. This food fad was OK when it was just a bunch of folks letting the world know how much they love salty, greasy meat, but now the world has gone nuts. Bacon vodka? Not bad. Bacon-covered apple pie? Is nothing sacred? Bacon in your ice cream, your pudding and your cupcakes? Too far, my friend. Too far. Some foods are delicious, but when you start combining foods that are amazing all by themselves, you are asking for trouble.

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