The 5 Best Green Powders for Your Body

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Green powders are a dime a dozen these days—you can find them everywhere and anywhere: health food stores, Amazon, other online retailers, Ralphs, Giant, even drugstores! It can be confusing as to which one to buy, as they all tout different properties, different amounts of different things, miracle ingredients we’ve never heard of, and often prices that make us gasp embarrassingly loud. Are they really necessary? Do they really do what they say? My answer here is absolutely—but—you need to know which ones to buy. Many are denatured (dead), and not made of organic ingredients. You want green powders made from the best of the best vegetables made in rich soil, and processed in the least harmful way possible so you can actually get many of the benefits of the ingredients. Below is a list of the most effective, highest quality green powders available on the market today. Buy them in health food stores or online. I am not affiliated with any companies whatsoever and have nothing to gain from writing this article for all concerned. Decisions are based purely on experience with and research on the green powders.

5 Sunwarrior Ormus Greens

Made for energy/life-force energy-seekers, Ormus Greens by Sunwarrior are excellent. Unlike most other greens, rather than including a probiotic in the powder, they actually culture the greens themselves rendering them even more bioavailable. With the greens being grown in paramagnetic soil loaded with trace minerals in Utah and Arizona, they are destined for great vibrance. They are cold-dried, meaning that heat-sensitive components are not affected in the processing, and stored in eco-friendly packages. Sunwarrior Ormus Greens are widely available online and in health food stores.

4 Orac-Energy Greens

Made with 42 certified organic and pesticide free vegetables, berries, sea vegetables, probiotics, herbs and mushrooms, this green powder markets its high ORAC (antioxidant) levels more than any other green powder. I personally recommend this product for medicinal use—it contains many excellent cleansing and organ-supportive herbs, thereby making it best for those who are suffering chronic ailments.

3 Sun is Shining

Like Vitamineral Greens, Sun is Shining was developed by Dr. Jameth Sheridan (N.D.), but this green powder belongs to Sunfood brand, a leading online raw food company. With a very nice array of powdered vegetables, algae, and aquatic vegetables, as well as probiotics, you can’t really go wrong with this one. It’s safe, highly alkalizing and nutrient dense. Excellent wholesome addition to anyone’s diet.

2 Pure Synergy

Definitely a favorite here. With Klamath algae and many tonic Chinese herbs, this green powder is very unique. They also added enzymes for better digestion, making this one a great choice for people with digestive discomfort. Pure Synergy is also great for children and pets.

1 Vitamineral Greens

Vitamineral Greens has always been the top of the top, especially since Dr. Jameth Sheridan was at the forefront of green powders with this product, so set the standard. Known to alkalize, cleanse, and build the body’s blood and organs, Vitamineral Greens are phenomenal and have been through exhaustive procedures for proof of purity and freshness. I highly trust anything by Dr. Sheridan, but this product exceeds all others.

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Green powders are a winning addition to your diet, and fairly easy to consume. The five above are mild-tasting, meaning you can mix them in with juices or smoothies, or simply drink in water if you like. If you are on blood-thinning medications, please consult your doctor before trying any green powders.

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