Top 5 Green-Energy Stocks to Add to Your Portfolio

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The battle between an ethical environmental philosophy and the desire to make money no longer have to conflict. As the green movement has exploded in nearly every sector across the world, more and more companies are creating innovations that are making the world a nicer place to live—while also making investors rich. The top green-energy stocks and funds may bring some sunshine to your portfolio.

5 PS Advisors Carbon Credits

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Under the Kyoto Treaty, both companies and governments are required to offset their carbon emissions with credits, like those traded by PS Advisors. Credits are exchanged for the right to emit one specific unit of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. By investing in carbon credits, you can diversity your portfolio by moving away from stocks and bonds, as well as gain instant international exposure. As environmental restrictions continue to become more strict, cheap carbon credits are becoming harder and harder to come by, meaning whoever buys them now can sell them to needy companies later.

4 First Solar

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The first thing you notice when visiting First Solar’s (FSLR) website is a ticker counting how many cars it’s removed from the road, how many homes it’s powered, the number of trees it’s planted and how much carbon dioxide it’s replaced. The company’s cutting-edge, thin-film module technology is revolutionizing the solar-powered movement. First Solar, traded on the Nasdaq, boasts the ability to manufacture energy at a record 68 cents per watt. The secret? Cadmium telluride—the semiconductor that drives their sun-powered technology.

3 Eco Building Products

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From reclaimed flooring to no-flush, waterless urinals to natural wool insulation, Eco Building Products (ECOB) is striving to make possible a world where every single element in every single structure is Earth-friendly, green, renewable or biodegradable. Smart investors are always cautious about gambling on penny stocks. But at about a cent and a half per share, as of 2013, this stock backs a company that makes coconut shell roofing tiles and compostable dinner plates.

2 FuelCell Energy

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FuelCell (FCEL) generates ultra-clean power, which it sells to utilities, hospitals, municipal water-treatment plants, industrial operations, colleges and universities, government entities and other customers. Its technology is based on clean natural gas, as well as renewable biogas from wastewater treatment and food processing. Not only is FuelCell environmentally friendly, but stock experts point to its strong backlog statistics and solid fundraising as reasons to predict stellar financial gains. Several green ETFs agree, as they have added FuelCell to their funds.

1 Market Vectors Global Alternative Energy ETF

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This exchange-traded fund (GEX) replicates the performance of 31 companies whose technologies are involved with solar power, bio energy, wind power, hydro power and geothermal energy. Although the bulk of the companies operate out of the United States, more than a dozen nations are represented in this ETF. This adds instant versatility to your portfolio. Every company in the fund is principally based in the alternative energy industry.

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