Top 5 Good Excuses for Not Answering Your Phone

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Remember back in the day when you had to be home when someone called? The introduction of the pager made it possible for someone to message you when they wanted to talk. Then the cell phone era arrived, making it impossible to avoid the in-laws or that friend bursting to tell you all the he-said-she-said drama that took place last night. What you need are a few good excuses for not answering when those not-so-besty BFFs call to chat.

5 Brake for Calls


The best reason for not answering a phone call is driving. Whether it is the commute to work, the mall, school or any of the myriad of places you run each day, it is dangerous to talk on the phone when you are behind the wheel. The one problem with this excuse is that pesky stalker, who drives past your house to see if you have come home yet. You might want to find some good excuses for not answering the doorbell.

4 The Rice Bowl

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When all else fails, use the excuse that you answered your phone in the shower and the water flooded your keypad. You now have the plausible excuse that your phone is sitting in a bowl of rice with the battery out. A little hint: Do not forward the call to voicemail—let the phone do the work. Of course, you might need to avoid all calls for a while if you use this excuse. Your mom might have your brother call because you are not answering her calls. It would be a bad scenario explaining why your phone was in rice at 10 a.m. but working the same night.

3 The Dreaded Business Meeting


Corporate America brought about mute buttons, silent mode and calls forwarded to voicemail. Cell phone etiquette dictates that phones are inactive during business meetings with the boss or clients. You now have the perfect excuse for not answering the phone when your stalker calls to ask you out for the umpteenth time. Make certain that the times you use this excuse coincide with the times you are actually at work or should be at work.

2 The Shower Escape

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One of the most obvious reasons you cannot answer the phone is because you are in the shower. Spice it up a bit with phrases like, “He wouldn’t let me grab the phone while we are both wet.” This translates to “I had more important things happening than worrying about why your boyfriend hates your cat.” If the call is from someone like your pastor or kid’s teacher, use the obvious excuse that the pipes are too loud when the water is running for you to hear the phone.

1 The Kids Locked My Phone

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You knew those little tax deductions would come in handy sometime. Take advantage of the wacky behavior that kids eat, live and breathe on a daily basis. When the in-laws call to brag, or your mom calls to give you the “Why can’t you be more like …” speech, give a little grin and blame the kids for locking you out of your phone. The access code is easily changed when little fingers are pushing buttons or fingering the touch-screen. That sweet phone can play the latest karaoke version of Meat Loaf’s “Bat Out of Hell” till hell freezes over, but unless you know the new code, you cannot answer that call.

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