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Top 5 Game Of Thrones Jack-O’-Lantern Patterns

The popularity of the hit fantasy HBO show Game of Thrones is at an all-time high. There are sure to be plenty of GoT costumes floating around this Halloween season, but what if you want to show your fandom in a different way? With these five Game of Thrones Jack-O’-Lantern patterns, you can show off your devotion to the hit show to your whole neighborhood.

5.) House Lannister Sigil

This house is one of the richest in the Game of Thrones. Show your love of House Lannister this Halloween with this unique Jack-O’-Lantern pattern. To carve it, simply follow these steps:

  • Cut a hole at the top of your pumpkin
  • Scoop out the pulp and seeds using a pumpkin scoop
  • Print out the House Lannister sigil template and cut out the design
  • Trace it onto the surface of your pumpkin with a permanent marker
  • Carve the design onto your Jack-O’-Lantern

This carving set from Amazon works very well for cutting out the intricate House Lannister sigil. After you are finished carving, place a couple of LED flameless votives inside.

4.) The Night’s Watch Sigil

The Night’s Watch is a military order that holds and guards the infamous wall in GoT. Let the Night’s Watch guard your front doorstep over Halloween by following these steps:

  • Cut a hole at the top of your pumpkin
  • Scoop out the insides of the gourd
  • Download this Night’s Watch template
  • Resize the design to fit your pumpkin
  • Print it out and trace the outline onto your pumpkin with a pencil or Sharpie
  • Use a carving tool to etch the design
  • Place a couple of flameless tea lights inside your Jack-O’-Lantern

3.) King Joffrey Profile

The 13-year-old child king was one of the most villainous characters in Game of Thrones before he met an untimely death in Season 4. Surely, everyone who spots this Joffrey Jack-O’-Lantern on your doorstep will bow before the king. To make it, simply follow these steps:

2.) House Stark Sigil

This Noble House of Westeros is tasked with keeping peace in the Game of Thrones. Honor the house with this Jack-O’-Lantern.

  • Start by carving a hole in the bottom of the pumpkin with a carving knife
  • Take out all of the pulp and return the piece that you cut to the bottom
  • Print out this House Stark template, resizing as needed
  • Cut out the stencils with a pair of scissors
  • Affix the stencil to the surface of the pumpkin with Duct tape
  • Trace the designs onto the pumpkin
  • Remove the stencils and then carefully carve the design into the pumpkin (this Pumpkin Carving Kit is perfect for the task)
  • Add a couple of LED tea lights and your House Stark Jack-O’-Lantern is complete.

1.) House Targaryen

The House Targaryen might be the best House in GoT. To represent this house on your Jack-O’-Lantern, follow these simple steps:

Wanna really impress your friends and family with your Game of Thrones Jack-O’-Lantern? Check out our Top 5 Tips On Carving A Pumpkin Like A Pro.

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