Need a Fuel Efficient Used Car? 2011 Offered Consumers Some Great Options

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2011 was a great year for gas saving cars. There is a great deal of 2011 model choices for the consumer to pick from. Competition for high MPGs between companies has provided plenty of options that give both a great ride and low gas mileage. If you’re looking to save some cash on gas, read on and check out our list for the Top 5 Fuel Efficient Cars of 2011.

5 Lexus CT 200h (43 city/40 highway)

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We’re big fans of Lexus’ selections of hybrid cars. Though they cost a bit more, you typically get more for you cash as far as comfort and luxury. The CT 200h has a sporty look, 134 horse-power, a great interior, and at the end of the day you’ll still be pulling great MPGs. Not only that, but the Lexus 200h is actually a lot of fun to drive. The hatchback styling gearsthe CT 200h towards a younger generation – and for those who love hot hatches, the Lexus CT 200h is probably one of your better choices. You can also select the car to go into sport, eco or normal mode depending on how much fuel you want to burn, and how you feel like driving at that moment. The Lexus CT is an amazing machine and will even make the hardest of petrol heads give a hybrid a chance.

4 Toyota Prius(51 city/ 48 highway)

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The good ole’ Prius is still one of the highest rated hybrids in 2011. Will the Prius give you a comfortable, gas saving drive around town? Yes. Is it the most boring thing to drive ever? Not quite, but it’s not very exciting either. Still, that doesn’t matter for those looking for what the Prius offers as far as a commuter car and environmental green machine. The Prius is the standard hybrid go-to model, and offers plenty of interior creature comforts, and is also fairly roomy for a hybrid. People who own a Prius lovethem, and I guess that’s all that matters, even though it looks at hard competition in 2011.

3 Chevy Volt (35 city/40 highway)

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Whatever kinks and red tape GM had to work out to get the Volt out into production, we’re glad it’s finally here. The Volt looks great – almost Transformer-like in its appearance. Okay, maybe that’s a little much, but it looks a lot cooler than most EV/hybrids out there. The Volt succeeds because it is actually a hybrid (despite being called the Volt). After your 40 miles of EV energy are burnt, the gas engine kicks on extending your range. This mid-size hatchback will cost you quite a bit for what you are getting in regards to features and square feet, but it’s a great step towards the evolution of these types of cars. Besides, since the Volt can run on gas exclusively, you can have your EV vehicle and longer range auto all under one hood.

2 Tesla Roadster (250 miles per charge)

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The Tesla Roadster has better range than the Leaf, but let’s face it, most of us can’t afford to fork over 110 grand for a Tesla. Still, it’s an electric car with top fuel efficiently (simply because it doesn’t take any gasoline at all). Of course whatdoes 110 grand get you? A sports car that makes you stand out no matter where you are, a vehicle that gets you to 60mph in 3.6 seconds, and an insanely fun car to drive. There are major drawbacks however (aside from the price tag): the interior pales in comparison to say a 80-90k Jaguar, and if you’re a petrol head, then the under-chassisof a Tesla is about as sexy as a brick wall. Still, it’s a Tesla…

1 Nissan Leaf (73 miles per charge)

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The Leaf is one of the first all-electric cars from a major manufacturer since possibly the old GM EVs. The Nissan Leaf stands out in the crowds with its styling (and that’s an either ‘take it or leave it’opinion depending on your own personal tastes). While cross-country tripping isn’t really possible in the Leaf (or even cross-state hopping) the Leaf is made for in city commuting. It takes about seven hours to charge the Leaf in the convenience of your own garage, and you can check power levels and vehicles stats via your iPhone. This is a car for the new generation – for those who care more about tech and not stopping for gas than those who prefer an authentic driving experience. Still, Nissan has put a ton of care into engineering the Leaf, and it provides a comfortable, quiet ride due to careful design.

2011 is a great year for hybrids, so make your choice, save some cash, and remember, you’ll probably get a government tax incentive on these cars too! (Depending on where you live).

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