2010 Saw a Copious Amount of Fuel Efficient Vehicles Hit the Market. These Are the Best

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Looking to raise your MPGs? 2010 offers a handful of evolved hybrids to keep up with consumer demand and brand competition. Long gone are the days of choosing from only a few fuel efficient makes and models. To help you decide which the best gas saver is for you, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 Fuel Efficient Cars of 2010.

5 Lexus HS250h (35 city / 34 hwy)

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Lexus still seems like it’s working out a few design details in the HS 250h. Sometimes this car feels as if it wants to go all out Lexus luxury, and then the rest of the time it feels like it’s trying to copy other hybrid competitors. The interior and drive is not as comfortable as you’d expect a Lexus to be,still the HS 250h is fairly quiet and there are a huge laundry list of features to pick from. For the price tag, the Ford Fusion is still a better choice, but if you want a Lexus sedan and you want a Hybrid, then the HS 250h is your number one option. Still, it’s not a terrible car in any way shape or form. It doesn’t feel sluggish, and it seems to be pretty balanced in account to MPGs, handling and power (you’ll get to 0-60 in 8.4 seconds average with 187 combined horse-power average), on top of this, the HS 250h looks quite stylish compared to most other hybrids.

4 Ford Fusion Hybrid (41 city/26 hwy)

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The Ford Fusion is a good choice for those looking for a hybrid vehicle that feels as much like a non-hybrid car as possible. The engine runs solely electrical up until around 47 mph, and then the gas engine kicks in. With a 2.5 liters under the hood, and a net combined horse-power of 191 (which isn’t so bad for a family car) you’ll forget you’re driving a hybrid half the time. The interior also offers some amazingly high tech looking gauges which can be customized for preference. Throw in Ford’s sync and you got a nice, high-tech ride here with high MPGs and a great looking exterior to boot.

3 Honda Insight (40 city / 43 hwy)

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The insight was one of the original hybrids to be released here in the states, and it’s come a long, long way since that oddly shaped, hatchback with the covered rear wheels. Whether you liked the older design or not, the design now present in 2010 is much sleeker and more… car looking. The Insight comes in at much cheaper than both the Civic and the Prius, and yet it offers just as many comforts. What else is great about the insight? Even if it doesn’t have the most powerful engine, it still is fun to drive. Most importantly, it’s a comfortable and quiet ride, two important assets for a hybrid.

2 Honda Civic Hybrid (40 city /45 highway)

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The Civic hybrid also has had plenty of time to mature on the market. Though the MPGs aren’t as high as the Prius, the Civic still has a lot to offer, such as an extremely low price tag for a hybrid. The Civic model is also a favorite of car consumers everywhere, and offers a dependable commuter/family vehicle. Though road noise still seems to be a bit of the problem, the now secondgeneration of Civic hybrids has come a long way since the first generations of the early 2000s, including a more powerful motor and a bump in fuel efficiency.

1 ToyotaPrius (51 city/48 highway)

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The Toyota Prius beats out all other competitors when it comes to fuel efficiency. The Prius has had time to mature, and 2010 has given the Prius a complete redesign, offering much more features, more space, and reducing the past flaws it once carried. The Prius remains a favorite, and with an even more comfortable drive, a hike in MPGs from the 2009 edition, and new creature comforts, there seems to be even more reasons to choose a Prius as your hybrid of choice.

When trying to save MPGs you don’t have to sacrifice power, comfort or drivability these days. 2010 offers a great selection of hybrids for the consumer, so get out there and start saving money on gas

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