The Sweetest Way to Fight Toxicity

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Detox is a hit word these days in diets, and you hear about celebrities going from Master Cleanse to delivery juice cleanses to lose weight and detoxify their bodies. One thing that is extremely important to understand is why you are detoxifying your body, and how fast you should go – if you overburden your liver with toxins coming up and out from the depths of your cells, and don’t provide them a way out fast enough, you will experience the dreaded ‘detox symptoms’ – fatigue, headaches, general achiness, irritability, constipation, and even the symptoms of medications you have previously taken that have been stored in your tissue. Reawakening this waste is excellent if you get it out fast enough, through sweating, bowel movements and colon cleansing. Here are some excellent fruits to aid your detoxification – just make sure you wait 30 minutes before consuming anything else to allow the fruit to move through your stomach without being slowed down by heavier foods.

5 Grapefruit

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Grapefruits may not be most of our favorite fruit due to its bitterness, but with a little sweetener added it’s not so bad even for the berry-fiends. Grapefruits have a remarkable blood-thinning quality (therefore don’t eat it if you are taking blood thinners), which means they help blood flow more easily through your body, helping to transport toxins out of your tissues more efficiently. Grapefruit has also shown to lessen inflammation, reduce risk of heart attack, stroke and cancer. Being a low-sugar fruit, even low-carbers can eat this without panicking. Eat it with a little honey or stevia, and add a few hemp seeds for a little nutrient boost.

4 Berries

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Berries are easy to love. Sweet, small, and characteristically flavorful, kids in particular go crazy for these little packages of love, with good reason. Berries will keep them young forever. Well, not quite, but berries are extremely high in antioxidants which means they prevent oxidative stress to the nervous system. They have been shown to improve memory and overall cognitive function, prevent muscle degeneration and cardiovascular function. Eat them raw for the benefits of the antioxidants, alone or in yogurt or kefir.

3 Lemon

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Ah lemon – the ubiquitous fruit. We all know it’s very high in vitamin C, but lemons are excellent for cleansing the kidneys and liver and therefore the blood. Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning is excellent for flushing the body of waste that has been stirred up overnight, and a refreshing drink first thing as well. Lemon juice can be used on salads, on fish, in teas and in in virtually anything you can think of, even desserts (lemon pie, tart, or bars anyone?).

2 Cantaloupe

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Cantaloupe is excellent in the same ways watermelon is, regarding cleansing that is. It’s extremely hydrating quality makes it quick through the stomach, at 10 to 15 minutes, while also providing nutritional support. High in vitamins A and C, it also has a good amount of potassium, reduces inflammation, reduces oxidative stress and improves insulin and blood sugar regulation, making it an excellent choice for pre-diabetics.

1 Watermelon

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Watermelon is one of the healthiest fruits one could possibly eat. Why? Because it’s extremely hydrating, goes in and out of the stomach within 15 minutes when eaten alone, and is high in vitamins C and A. You may have heard of watermelons high lycopene content, or perhaps lycopene itself popularized by tomatoes. Lycopene is a phytonutrient that is high in ripe watermelons, and is good for cardiovascular and bone health. Watermelons are an excellent anti-inflammatory, high in antioxidants and increases blood flow. Eat it on an empty stomach for optimal digestion and cleansing.

Fruits are so important in our daily lives – never underestimate their ability to cleanse and restore your body to true vibrancy – in fact eating fruit alone until lunch is an excellent way to cleanse your body daily while allowing it digestive rest and nourishing it at a cellular level. There is a reason why children love sugar – they have an inborn need for fruit specifically, and we can corrupt that ‘sweet tooth’ with refined sugar which provides nothing and strips the body of important minerals. Get your kids and yourself back in love with fresh fruit to satisfy your sweet teeth while actually benefitting your body

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