Los Angeles’ Most Angelic French Fries

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Somewhere in the universe there is a hall of legends for comfort food, and in that hall there is a great hall, and in that great hall French fries have a seat near the top. Or is it officially “freedom fries” now? Are we over that whole fad? We hope so, because we never called them that anyway. It sounds ridiculous. In any case, French fries are a go-to for most everyone and what would Top 5 be without a shout out to the best side in the land? Here’s our list of the best fries you can get in Los Angeles.

5 Manhattan Beach Post

The one fry that hasn’t made the list until now is the steak fry. It’s difficult to do right but when it’s nailed it’s perfection. The Fe Fi FoFum Fries at Manhattan Beach Post are not only nailed, they look like nails. Not nails that you use to hang picture, mind you, but rather railroad stakes. You know how sometimes a certain body part is compared to the length of a baby’s arm? These fries actually deserve the credit. They’re enormous. The owner of the Post, Chef David LeFevre, has dedicated one chef every service to doing nothing but making these heavenly monstrosities, both for quality’s sake and because they are just that popular. They are fried four times in a ritualistic 32 minute process and are worth every minute of the wait.

4 The Oinkster

The Oinkster really has a lot going for it. It’s in a low key neighborhood and serves everything up in a great atmosphere at nearly fast food speeds. In fact, their speeds are often better than fast food’s if you consider the Taco Bell near my house. That thing takes FOREVER. Anyway, the fries are cooked in beef shortening for their usual Belgian-style orders. Yeah, that’s right. Beef shortening. You didn’t even know that existed, did you? For those of you veggie heads in the back, they will use rice oil if you ask (but don’t do it).

3 25 Degrees

We’re not sure why Hollywood has the market cornered on fries, what with it being the world leader in people who eat bowls of air for lunch, but 25 Degrees makes the list as well. Situated inside the historic Roosevelt Hotel, 25 Degrees serves up their signature shoestring fries 24/7, with the exception of every 2nd Monday of the month when they shut down between midnight and 6AM. If you want to really bring out their potential, pair them with the Guinness milkshake, made with Guinness, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate sauce. Wear loose pants.

2 Lucky Devils

Lucky Devils is in Hollywood so if you’re a visitor to our beautiful city you’ll probably have no trouble finding this place. Lucky Devils, unlike the Korean Chego, is a burger joint through and through. The Diablo burger is the one you want to get if you’re popping in for a meal but the fries are what has kept me going back. They are fried perfectly, with that crispy outer shell and that softer, steamy center. You have three choices for your small mountain of fries, those being the original aforementioned crispy fries, sweet potato fries slathered in a pasilla garlic aioli, or the always popular chili cheese fries. Dipping sauces abound as well.

1 Chego

Image Credit: Lamag.com

Chego is a Korean restaurant out in Palms. Yes, you read that correctly. K-O-R-E-A-N. Now you’re probably saying to yourself, “Why is there a Korean restaurant on a list of best fries?” Had you given me a moment, I would have explained. Aside from their delicious main courses such as the Chubby Pork Belly Bowl and the Beefy-T Fried Rice, they have one thing in particular that lands them on this list: the Ooey Gooey Fries. The name pretty much says it all here. Not only are the fries crisp and delicious but they have SEVEN ingredients piled on top, including but not limited to sour cream, assorted cheeses, and various peppers. Bring a fork, though I’m sure one will be provided.

There you have it. Obviously, McDonald’s and other fast food joints do fries pretty well but these are the top five in Los Angeles, so don’t comment about something people can get anywhere. If you have a good idea of an oversight, let us know. We’ll be here, enjoying our fries.

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