Top 5 Features Missing in Today’s Most Advanced Smartphones

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It is no secret that the mobile phone is taking over the world. Generally speaking, the advances we have made with cell phones over the past decade are unparalleled by any other industry. Having said that, while many believe mobile technology has reached its peak, the reality is, it is only getting started and these five examples are the best evidence for that.

5 Consolidation Please

Lastly, a slightly more controversial point. More competition means better quality and lower prices for consumers—I get it. But between the 400 versions of Android, Windows Phone 7, 7.5, 8, iOS 5, 6, and BlackBerry 7 and 10, my head is about to explode. It is starting to seem like no two people, even if they are using the same phone, are using the same version of the same operating system. This needs to be addressed and the whole industry needs to be more tightly consolidated for a better user experience.

4 Wires are so 2012!

I am well aware that phones such as the Lumia 920 and the Nexus 4 have wireless charging capabilities, but that doesn’t change the fact that if you’re charging, syncing, or backing up your phone, chances are at one point or another you will need a wire. Yes, you can back up your iPhone over Wifi and yes, even sync it, but if you have tried, you know it is about as stable as me on a tight rope (now THAT would be a funny picture). Again, 2013 folks. Let’s rid the world of cables and make our phones operate completely wirelessly with no hiccups on the way.

3 Drop Tests are Fun, but…

Ok, folks—let’s get real. It is 2013, and when my phone drops a foot and a half, it means a trip to my nearest mall to either fix the screen or replace the phone. I mean, really? Is it so difficult to use more durable materials and make these phones indestructible or at least durable enough to survive a fall? We all love watching these torture tests on mobile phones, but really, it’s time to bring mobile manufacturing up a notch. Or ten.

2 Content Creation First, Consumption Second

Many mobile players are trying to attack this issue but in my opinion, no one has quite cracked it just yet. At the end of the day, when most people want to get work done, they open up their laptop (or dust off and power up their desktop). Mobile devices are not yet optimized enough for content creation. It’s not just the size of the keyboard or lack or real multitasking on most phones—there are actually quite a few factors and the only ones who can solve these problems are those in the mobile developer community. How about we start with Microsoft and a version of Office for the leading mobile platforms, shall we?

1 Innovative Battery Technology

This one is the most obvious and the biggest complaint among mobile consumers. We get it, modern smartphones are way more powerful than those feature phones that used to last us two weeks. How do I say this nicely? I don’t care. Apple, Samsung, HTC, Nokia and the rest of the large mobile companies are selling these phones for close to a $1000 in some cases, there is no reason they shouldn’t make it through the day. Stop adding cores to your processors and start adding juice to your batteries.

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