Anticipating Autumn’s Arrival: 5 Great Garden Flowers for Fall

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Just because spring and summer are over, with their sunshine and blue skies, doesn’t mean you have to give up on your garden. Depending on where you live, you can still have fall blooms and some bursts of color outside your house or apartment – you just have to know which flowers to plant. Of course, if you live in the wilds of Canada or Alaska, your flowers might disappear under the snow faster than people in San Diego or Florida. Still, if the climate is pretty moderate you can count on some fall blooms.
Here are some go-to flowers to add to your garden when the summertime ends.

5 Sweet Autumn Clematis

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This one is called “sweet” for good reason – it will give your garden a fragrant fall scent along with lush green leaves and small white flowers. They tend to bloom at the end of the season, and watch out because they can grow very quickly and aggressively, so watch where you plant them! They like sun and partial shade and grow up to twenty feet tall.

4 Fall Crocus

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These pretty purple and yellow flowers are delicate but sturdy. There is a spring variety, but don’t forget the fall blooms – they would look amazing next to your sunflowers. They’re native to North America and also go by the name Crocus speciosus. They’re ok in sun or shade, which makes them super low maintenance.

3 Perennial Sunflower

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These aren’t the typical gigantic annual sunflowers you may be used to seeing, but they are just as pretty. They bloom in later summer in early fall and the “Lemon Queen” variety has light yellow petals that will brighten up any garden. They’re sunflowers, so put them in a spot that gets plenty of light.

2 Goldenrod

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They’re called Goldenrod for a reason – no it’s not because they’re named after some comic book superhero, it’s because they’re bright yellowish gold, which is perfect for fall. Kind of like east coast leaves changing color. The plant is pretty resilient too prefering lots of sun and moderate watering.

1 Aster

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These flowers come in pink, blue, purple and white and are known as the New England Aster – so there’s hope that they’ll bloom in upstate New York and Vermont in the fall, right? They’re native to North America and they grow best in full sun and soil that is well drained. They grow to about five inches and their fancy flower name is Aster novae-angliae – neat! Butterflies love these blooms too, so they’ll make a pretty garden for sure.

So there you have it – five easy fall blooms. If you have more suggestions let us know, but these should be a great start for your garden – just don’t forget to water them, OK?

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