Top 5 Fall Clothing Necessities For Men

With cooler weather on the way, the hot new trends for men this fall season are in full swing. Fall colors are back in style with some new popular tones being mustard yellows. If you like to stay stylish and keep up to date in fashion, below are the fall Top 5 must-haves.

5.) A Comfy Fleece Vest

A 2017 fall trend that can keep you stylish while keeping you warm is a fleece vest. These comfy accessories are perfect when the weather starts turning cold but isn’t quite a winter wonderland. The style is more earth tone solid colors paired with a bolder colored long sleeve shirt beneath it. The best thing about this trend is the soft feel of the fleece that keeps you looking good while still staying comfortable.

4.) A Good Blazer

All men need a blazer in their closet as a versatile piece to mix and match outfits and be able to go from sport casual to business attire seamlessly. Blazers can be worn with jeans to dress them up, or you can keep the look casual by pairing it with khakis or a pair of slacks for more dressy occasions or weekday business attire. Make sure to choose a color that works well with the other colors in the closet, so you can create an infinite number of ensembles.

3.) A Go-To Pair of Boots

It’s the shoes that complete the outfit, and often our footwear is an afterthought when putting together our ensemble. The good news is trends for men’s footwear this fall include comfortable boots that can be worn with almost any outfit, so you can invest in a pair of shoes that can be used to complete nearly any look in your closet. The trend this season is lace-up ankle length leather boots in a variety of soft brown colors or jet black.

2.) A Soft Cashmere Sweater

Everybody likes the feel of a cashmere sweater, so this fall trend will keep you in style and comfort. Cashmere can provide a more luxurious appearance when paired with dress slacks and can also be used as a casual look paired with jeans. The soft feel of cashmere allows the sweater to be worn comfortably on its own, as well as layered over another shirt. While the color palette trends more for fall tones, you can vary choices by picking different patterns and styles.

1.) A Stylish Wool, Plaid, or Cashmere Scarf

Outerwear scarves have become more of a trend in recent years with wool, plaid, and cashmere scarves being go-to’s this fall season. Simply thrown over the shoulder or with a full wrap around the neck, these bulky accessories can be the perfect accent to warmer weather clothes. If you hail from areas with warmer fall climates, you will most likely want to avoid wool, as it can get exceptionally warm, but you can choose from many lighter weight material options that can give you the same look without too much heat.


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