Top 5 Everyday Movements That Burn the Most Calories

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Ideally, you’d hit the gym every day after work to shed some calories. However, with the extra hours you’ve been putting in at work and the endless list of chores you have to do at home, finding time for exercise isn’t always an everyday option. Fortunately, many of the things you’re already doing help melt away some of those unwanted calories. These top five everyday movements burn up more calories than you may realize.

5 Standing

Think of all the time you spend standing each day: While brushing your teeth, in line at the grocery store and of course, while standing at the water cooler getting the latest work gossip. All of that standing around helps keep you in shape by melting away some calories. Add up the time you spend standing. If you can get to an hour, you’ll burn more than 70 calories at 130 pounds, over 80 calories if you’re 150 pounds or around 95 calories if you’re closer to 170 pounds. Now you have one less reason to feel guilty about standing around so much at work.

4 Romp in the Hay

If you’re feeling frisky tonight, grab your other half and head off into the bedroom. Spending time rolling around in the sheets is a truly enjoyable way to stay in shape and burn up calories. Typically, you’ll burn between 150 to 250 calories in a 30-minute love making session, WebMD reports. Clearly if you exert yourself more and force yourself to balance in certain positions, you’ll burn the higher end of the range.

3 Walking

Of course, you spend time walking during the day, and although you may not realize it, those steps add up and melt off calories. If you combine all of those leisurely walks you take throughout the day—like from your car to your desk or to and from your boss’ office—you probably walk for at least an hour. In this time frame, you’ll burn over 205 calories at 130 pounds, almost 240 calories if you’re 150 pounds and about 270 calories if you weigh 170 pounds.

2 Sitting and Typing

All those hours you spend at work pounding away on the keyboard do indeed trim away some extra calories. After spending eight hours at your desk, you’ll burn around 850 calories at 130 pounds, roughly 980 calories if you’re 150 pounds and up to 1,110 calories at 170 pounds. So, maybe that boring office job isn’t so bad after all.

1 Sleeping

Getting in a solid night of Z’s does more than just relax you; it actually sheds calories, even though you’re not really moving much. While you’re busy fantasizing about your next vacation, your body is hard at work repairing tissues, creating new cells, digesting food, keeping your heart beating and more. All of these basic biological processes burn calories—nearly 425 calories in eight hours if you’re 130 pounds. If you’re more of a 150-pound frame, spending eight hours with the sandman uses up 490 calories, and as much as 555 calories, if you weigh closer to 170 pounds.

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