Top 5 Events of August 22: Moments Carved in Time

Learn about the top 5 events of August 22. Journey through groundbreaking scientific discoveries, automotive milestones, political testimonies, and more. Rediscover history through its most poignant events on this day.

Every day is a tapestry of events, woven together by the threads of time. August 22, in particular, has seen an assortment of such occurrences. As we journey through the chronicles of the Top 5 Events of August 22, let’s shine a light on the events that stand tall on the timeline of history.

1. The First Radio Commercial Airs (August 22, 1922)

The First Radio Commercial Airs (August 22, 1922)

Before the era of sponsored Instagram posts and video ads, radio reigned supreme. On August 22, 1922, history was made when the first-ever radio commercial was broadcast on station WEAF in New York City. For a ten-minute spot, the Queensboro Corporation paid a sum of $100.

Little did they know, this would pave the way for the multi-billion dollar advertising industry we recognize today, revolutionizing the way businesses approached marketing.

2. Cadillac Founded by Henry Leland (August 22, 1902)

Cadillac Founded by Henry Leland (August 22, 1902)

The roar of engines and the allure of luxury found its emblematic figure on August 22, 1902. Henry Leland, an engineer and entrepreneur, founded the Cadillac Automobile Company. Named after the French explorer Antoine Laumet de La Mothe, sieur de Cadillac, this brand would go on to become a symbol of American luxury and prestige in the automobile world.

Today, Cadillac remains a hallmark of sophistication, innovation, and impeccable design in the automotive industry.

3. Michael Faraday’s Electromagnetic Discovery (August 22, 1831)

Michael Faraday's Electromagnetic Discovery (August 22, 1831)

The interplay between electricity and magnetism was mystified until a groundbreaking revelation on August 22, 1831. Michael Faraday, the British scientist, discovered electromagnetic induction. This principle, fundamental to the generation of electric power, transformed our understanding of energy and laid the foundation for countless technological advancements.

From powering homes to industries, Faraday’s discovery continues to electrify our world in myriad ways.

4. The French Revolution’s ‘September Massacres’ Begin (August 22, 1792)

The French Revolution’s ‘September Massacres’ Begin (August 22, 1792)

Dark clouds hovered over France on August 22, 1792, marking the onset of the notorious ‘September Massacres’ during the French Revolution. Fueled by fear and paranoia, radical factions believed imprisoned counter-revolutionaries would rise against the Republic. Over the next week, thousands, including priests, aristocrats, and common criminals, were executed.

The event remains a stark reminder of the chaos, fear, and tumultuous change that defined the French Revolution.

5. Bill Clinton’s Testimony (August 22, 1998)

Bill Clinton’s Testimony (August 22, 1998)

Modern politics witnessed a significant moment on August 22, 1998. U.S. President Bill Clinton testified before a grand jury regarding his relationship with Monica Lewinsky. This testimony, televised nationally, saw a sitting President being questioned about personal misconduct allegations. The ensuing political and public discourse changed the landscape of American political history.


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Through the Top 5 Events of August 22, we observe a kaleidoscope of human endeavors – from scientific breakthroughs to socio-political upheavals. Days like this underscore the diversity of our shared experience, offering lessons, insights, and reflections for generations to come.