These Indispensable Apps Ensure a Fun and Safe Night out on the Town!

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The work week is over and you’re ready to go out. You got on your best threads, your credit card is burning a hole in your pocket, and the nightlife is beckoning you. There are plenty of ways to enhance a night out on the town experience and make every minute count, but before you walk out that door tonight, check out our list of Top 5 Essential Apps for a Night out on the Town.

5 Open Table (Free)

Before the drinking begins, you’re going to want to find a restaurant and set up some reservations. Open Table is the absolute best and most valuable app out there for getting your restaurant reservations made seamlessly and easily. Using your location, Open Table will also help you search for restaurants nearby and give you the lowdown on said eating locales. Open Table also has a rewards program for those who sign up for a free membership in which the user can earn points towards eating out.

4 Nightout (Free)

When the night is young, you’re going to want to find happy hours and get those cheap beers and drinks before things get expensive. NightOut helps find you the closest bars, along with showing you their happy hour times along with other specials they may be running. NightOut is a great app for finding undiscovered territory (new bars) all while saving that cash in your pocket for those late night premium drinks (or your taxi carbide home).

3 Mixology App (Free)

Let’s not forget WHY you will need that cab. In this world of a hundred different random and bizarre cocktails, you may get tired of trying out that old favorite. Mixology is not only a top notch app for getting a recipe for nearly any mixed drink, but it will randomly give you a drink based on a variety of options you pick —and let you know what’s in it. Ever try ordering for a friend and all they say is “Give me anything without gin and anything fruity.” The mixology app will help you find the perfect drink if your bartender is one of the more clueless types. Though Mixology excels when it comes to making drinks at home, it can be a vital and important tool when out at the bar.

2 Taxi Magic (Free)

Since you aren’t going to rely on the BAC Calculator to determine you’re drunkenness, the Taxi Magic app will become one of your most handy tools once the liquor kicks in. There may be better taxi apps for your specific city, but Taxi Magic makes taxi calling easy and painless across the map. You can set a time, a location, get notified when the taxi is on its way, and even in some cases, track its location. While Taxi Magic works better in some places than other (like the Washington DC/NoVA area), it is still an all around great app for those who want their taxi cab summoning to be a little easier. You can even use the app to pay your fare.

1 BAC Calculator (Free)

You’ve been bouncing around all night, pounding a drink here and there. You’re pretty sure you’re alright to drive… but are you really? Well, in many states there is a ‘zero tolerance’ law, but the BAC Calculator is here to tell you exactly what is up with your blood alcohol level. By entering your weight, hours, and the amount of beer, wine, or liquor you’ve consumed, the BAC calculator will give you what your blood alcohol level is, and tell you that you’re probably too drunk to be behind the wheel. Now, we don’t think the BAC Calculator is the best device for actually determining if you should hop in a car and drive after a few rounds, but it’s a good way to convince other people not to drive. Even better, it’s a great way to count the drinks your friend/date has had, then throw a guesstimate of their weight into the BAC calculator and see what the app says about their current state of affairs.

From beginning to end, you want your night out to be perfect. We hope we’ve helped you plan accordingly, and remember, be safe and always have your phone on you!

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