Top 5 Ways To Optimize Your Entertainment Center Storage

We all want a fancy entertainment center to impress our friends, but where are you supposed to put everything? We're here to help with some storage tips.

No matter how small your living space may be, with all the technology that is now becoming more commonplace in the home we all have some sort of entertainment center in one of our living areas.  While many of these centers have a lots of space, it is important to effectively use the storage not only to keep the area organized but functioning more efficiently as well.  To help optimize the storage space in your entertainment center, follow the five tips below.

1.) Find the Proper Media Storage

When organizing your entertainment center, it is essential to have the proper media storage for the items that you will be stored in the area.  First, sort all of your media types and determine how much storage compartments you will need for each.  Next, purchase the storage units that will fit not only with your media options but also work well in the various spaces in your entertainment stand.  You will most likely need DVD, blue ray, or game media storage and storage containers or holders for remotes and cords.

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2.) Utilize Both Horizontal and Vertical Space

When creating your entertainment center space don’t just focus on the horizontal space that the stand creates.  All too often we forget about the vertical space in the area which can be a precious commodity, especially for smaller living areas.  If your entertainment stand doesn’t come with shelving or storage above the TV, invest in a shelving unit that can fit above the television and around the sides.  By using the complete space from floor to ceiling, you will find a lot of additional space that you never knew you had.

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3.) Vary Your Storage Options

Choosing the correct entertainment stand to fit your storage needs is an essential part of optimizing the space.  When deciding on which stand to utilize, find options that include a variety of storage features.  Ideally, you will have a stand that has shelf storage, cabinets, and drawer space or bins.  This will help you to be able to find a place for everything you need and spaces for items that you do not necessarily want on display which can be put in cabinets and the drawers.  Bins and drawers are especially important for bulky items that don’t lay flat.

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4.) Find Pieces That Pull a Double Duty

When decorating your entertainment space, you may want to utilize elements that can function as both useful storage spaces as well as home decor. Decorative containers can be a perfect place to store small items you will need close to your entertainment stand while providing an accent for the style and decor of your home.  If you have vintage pieces such as old vinyl records that you need to store on your center, you can make them part of the decorative scheme by displaying them on the shelving units.  You will have them safely out of the way and be able to show them off at the same time.

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5.) Ditch the Bulky Wired Speakers

Nothing can make an entertainment system harder to work around or appear more cluttered than a mass of wires strung throughout the area.  While some wires may be necessary, many of the cords can be hidden behind the electronics.  Unfortunately, with speakers, this is not always the case.  You can create incredible surround sound effects for your entertainment system with smaller wireless speakers, that can either be placed around the room or mounted on the wall with out the unsightliness of connecting wires.

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Whether it is changing speakers to wireless, getting more media storage, or utilizing underused space on your wall, following the tips above is a great way to optimize the storage space in your entertainment center, keep it organized, and looking sharp.