Top 5 Educational Apps for Your Preschooler

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Kids now come out of the womb ready to navigate a touchscreen—a skill many adults still struggle with—but this is leaving many parents worried about the negative effects of too much screen time. However, the Millennium Cohort Study has found that if used effectively, toddlers can actually learn better from interactive media. Here are a few of the best apps available that won’t leave you feeling guilty for allowing some extra screen time.

5 JumpStart Preschool Magic of Learning

Anyone who remembers playing JumpStart games on a desktop computer (via floppy disc) can attest that the challenges are always full of fun and creative ways to learn. In this new version, preschoolers join Frankie the Dog on a magical learning adventure to learn math, reading and critical-thinking skills in about 15 different games. This game will keep your tot busy, while also teaching her valuable skills. Thanks to Frankie, learning really can be magical!

4 Wee Sing & Learn 123

Take a swim under the sea to learn numbers with adorable sea creatures who swim along to the music. This app combines upbeat music and charming animations to teach children to count, and it’s as easy as 1-2-3. The adored Wee Sing children’s brand has found another way to make learning a splash. Children will also learn the names of various sea animals and pick up on reading skills by following read-along lyrics and text.

3 Math Bingo

Turn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems into fun challenges. This game offers various skill levels for different ages and provides players with fun cartoon avatars to add to their player profiles. Watch your preschoolers learn simple math problems while they try to collect Bingo Bugs. Children will have so much fun trying to get B-I-N-G-O, they will forget they are actually learning, too.

2 Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

Fun starts with the letter F. And fun is what preschoolers have while monkeying around on this app. Monkey introduces kids to letters, colors, shapes, counting and pattern recognition through various activities where players aim to fill the monkey’s lunchbox with fruit. Aside from making sure the monkey doesn’t go hungry, kids can earn cartoon stickers and place them on a virtual canvas board to showoff to all.

1 Elmo Loves ABCs

Preschoolers love Elmo, and Elmo loves ABCs, so it’s only natural that your tot will soon love his ABCs too! With songs, videos, coloring pages and games all about letters, toddlers will quickly be singing from A to Z. You can add photos and videos to personalize the games and really wow your little one. If your little tike can’t get enough of this award-winning app, also try “Elmo Loves 123s.”

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