Planning The Best Future for your New Baby

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As new parents, we are often so busy taking care of our little one and trying to get rest that it can be very hard to make time for important discussions as the parents of a new baby and the ‘owners’ of a new family.Like a business, a family needs a good direction, good foundation, and certain legal issues figured out ‘just in case.’

5 Savings (for what?)

If you plan on saving for your child’s college, talk about that now and explore your options. If you plan on getting a car in 2 years, start planning and saving now. If you plan on buying a house, plan and save now. This is all if you haven’t started already – these things are very important to not only think about, but plan for immediately now that you are responsible for another being. Going to a financial advisor will help immensely and even though they can be fairly pricey, they’ll save you a lot of money and time in the long run.

4 Future plans

What are the plans for your family? Do you want to stay put until the baby goes to college? Do you want to travel?Do you want to move in a few years to Japan? Make sure you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to where the family plans on heading so that misunderstanding and miscommunication is rare.

3 Citizenship

If one of you is a British citizen living in the United States, make sure the baby gets your citizenship if you ever plan on going back overseas, or even if you plan on going to Europe. It’ll make traveling easier for both of you. The same goes with other nationalities of course.

2 Godparents

Regal sounding, but quite basic, godparents are simply the parents that your child will go to if something happens to you. Godparents could be your sibling, a friend or another family member. If you haven’t chosen these and you both pass away, say, in a car or plane accident, your baby may end up with someone you may not have intended him or her to. Ask the intended godparents before making it official!They may not be prepared, so be gentle when requesting this of them.

1 Life Insurance

No one wants to hear that there’s a possibility that they could die, especially with the hope and dreams that come along with a beautiful new baby. Research your options as soon as you can, for if one of you dies in an accident, the other would be eligible to claim a certain amount of money, generally in the hundreds of thousands. It sounds bad receiving money because of a death, but it’s there to help deal with what would now be the high demands of single parenting, while grieving loss. The last thing you would want your partner to go through if you died would be to struggle financially and emotionally. Make sure you both get life insurance.
The above 5 discussions are not the most pleasant to have, especially when there’s so little free time already. Try to make a ‘date-night’ spin on it to make it easier for you, make sure both of you take notes, be gentle with each other, be open, and try to understand from one another’s points of views when kinks come up – and just so you know, kinks always come up. How you deal with them is what matters. Just communicate that you want it to be fun, know that there may be a few rough patches, and that no matter what, you’ll find a solution in the end, even if it’s not during that particular discussion.

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