Top 5 Devices to Smarten Your Home

Technology makes me smarter and improves my daily life. With my smartphone, I can check stock prices, navigate road construction and watch how-to videos. That’s why I decided to make my home smarter and installed these top five gadgets.

1. Hue Lighting

During a work meeting the other week, I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t turned off any of my kitchen lights. Instead of wasting electricity, I utilized my Hue lights from Phillips. They give me instant and convenient access to my home’s lighting system.

The Hue lighting system starter pack includes three LED bulbs and the Hue app. It connects the bulbs to my smartphone, allowing me to turn the lights on or off whenever I want. I can also adjust the bulbs’ brightness or set the bulb to turn on automatically when I arrive at home, leaving my hands free to unlock the door without dropping my briefcase or groceries.

I can also program Hue bulbs to change color. For example, my bedside lamp bulb turns red if I hit snooze too often, and the hall bulb emits soft purple light during overnight hours.

With Hue, I control my home’s lighting. It helps me customize my house and saves me money.

2. Lockitron Door Locks

I forgot to lock my front door this morning as I rushed to work, but I didn’t have to worry about anyone breaking into my house. I use Lockitron to secure my home at all times.

Lockitron is a device that attaches to my door’s deadbolt and connects to my smartphone. I use Lockitron to lock or unlock the door whenever I want. I can also share the device’s locking capacity with my kids or a trusted neighbor. It even opens my front door automatically when I get home so I don’t have to fumble with keys.

Lockitron is easy to install and use. It’s a smart device that promotes safety and helps me feel secure.

3. Nest Thermostat

My electric bill used to be sky high. I finally decided to do something about it and installed a Nest thermostat.

The Nest thermostat learns my routine and adjusts to my lifestyle. In about one week, it began turning down the air conditioner when I left for work then turned the air up before I came home.

While it’s primarily designed to work automatically, Nest connects to my smartphone, too. I can adjust the thermostat from my Wi-Fi device any time I want.

Energy efficient, Nest saves me money as it automatically adjusts to my preferences. I also appreciate that I can check my energy history. With this device, I stay comfortable and enjoy lower energy bills.

4. Numi Toilet

I used to take my toilet for granted, but then I discovered one of the world’s most advanced toilets. Kohler’s Numi Toilet offers superior functionality with a sleek and modern design.

Energy efficient, my Numi flushes automatically and features a motion-activated lid that raises and lowers so I never have to touch it. With an advanced bidet, I can adjust the water spray pattern, direction, pressure and temperature based on my preferences. And did I mention that the seat is heated and the toilet cleans and deodorizes itself?

Customizable, my Numi toilet also features foot warmers and remembers my music play list. I know it’s weird, but I’m in love with my modern, streamlined Numi toilet that’s the perfect addition to my smart home.

5. SimpliSafe Home Security

I’m all about DIY and was super excited when I found a DIY home security system. SimpliSafe secures my home and is easy to customize based on my home and needs.

After my SimpliSafe starter kit arrived, I installed it right away. The kit includes a base station and battery-operated sensors. When attached to the windows or doors, the entry sensors send an alert to my phone if the windows or doors are opened. Motion sensors detect movement up to 90 feet away and alert me to unwanted guests or let me know when my kids try to sneak candy from the kitchen. I can also buy additional sensors for my home or keychain.

SimpliSafe gives me 24/7 protection as it makes my house smarter. I definitely appreciate that it keeps my family safe, too.

These five gadgets make my home smarter, and they’re fun to use. Which one would you be most likely to use?

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