Supplementing a Detox Diet

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Deciding to go on a detox diet, or cleanse, or whatever you would like to name the ridding your body of toxic residue, can be a hard decision to make due to the horror stories surrounding detoxification, and there are many reasons why one would want to do so – to ease a chronic ailment, for vanity reasons, or simply to increase one’s health. Finding a nutritionist with experience in detoxification is crucial to understanding the often confusing, cyclical nature of detoxification. The following five supplements will help your body during this phase in very different ways.

5 Candex

Candex should only be used if you believe that you are yeasted. Signs that you are yeasted are: chronic fatigue, bloating after eating sweet or starchy meals, cravings for sweet or starchy meals, eating disorders, and distaste for greens or vegetables. Candex is quite gentle on the body, however. It simply breaks the walls of the yeast cells so the body can identify them as waste to excrete. Simply follow the instructions on the side of the bottle in regards to dosage.

4 Probiotics

Probiotics are always necessary. People have been taking probiotics in various forms since the dawn of humanity from what we can tell, and with good reason. Populating your good bacteria is always a good idea and specifically during a cleanse, considering the bad bacteria will most likely be dying off in great numbers. Dr. Ohhira’s brand is particularly popular amongst detoxers, but there are many other great brands in stores and online.

3 Sonne’s 7

Sonne’s #7 is a particular brand of bentonite clay that’s active constituent, montmorillonite, is suspended in a light yellow, very easy to take solution. Available now online and at every health food store, bentonite clay has been used for hundreds of years to cleanse the body and to render bad bacterias useless. It assists in a cleanse due to its ability to bind to toxins and bring them out of the body swiftly, as long as you are well hydrated. There are no contraindications for bentonite and it is safe even for children with an upset stomach – just make sure you read the serving size on the bottle.

2 Herbal Teas

Herbal teas are an amazing addition to a cleanse as they are hydrating and do contain nutrients and antioxidants that are absorbed particularly well during this time. They also add enjoyment to the process, as you can buy many different kinds and different ‘flavors.’ The act of sipping a nice hot tea on a cool day or night or an iced tea on a hot day brings a moment of self care into the day, and that is important for those who have particularly stressful or busy days.

1 Green Powder

Green powders are an excellent supplement to cleansing, as they are alkaline, nutrient-rich, and if you get one of the best ones, raw and very minimally processed. Some contain probiotics, some contain enzymes, and some contain both and an array of greens, land and sea vegetables berries, herbs, and medicinal mushrooms. Refer to the Best Green Powder Article to find one that suits your needs. They can be mixed in to water, fresh raw juice, or into smoothies with little to no additional taste.

Detox can be harrowing mentally, especially when we are surrounded by fries and ice cream, but with a little help you can get more ‘mileage’ with your detox while actually assisting your body in the process. These substances and products are all gentle, but should you have any questions about them, join an online forum or ask your nutritionist.

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