Top 5 Cutest Hybrid Dog Breeds

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Back in the day, if your dog wasn’t a specific breed, it was a mutt. The concept of cross-breeding different dogs isn’t new. People have been doing it for centuries to make the ideal dog for hunting, providing security or search-and-rescue. Today, the cutest hybrid dog breeds are overpriced mutts that are ridiculously adorable and are rated among the most popular mixed-breed dogs by sites like and the Mother Nature Network.

5 Mal-Shi

When you mix two dog breeds that are individually cute, you get a puppy that’s doubly cute. The Maltese Shih Tzu hybrid, sometimes called a Mal-Shi or Malt-Tzu, is an intelligent and pleasant dog that is good for people who suffer from allergies. shares that these pups make great therapy and lap dogs because they’re affectionate, gentle and simple to train. Mal-Shis are also great around kids and other pets, and don’t tend to yap unless someone is at the door. Puppies are always cute and the Mal-shi is a dog that can look like a puppy forever if you keep its fur trimmed short.

4 Puggle

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When one animal looks like the smaller version of a bigger animal, it’s cute. The puggle is part pug and part beagle, giving you a dog that looks like a mini-mastiff. This hybrid is about the size of a beagle and has the same amount of energy. Puggles love to socialize and are friendly, so you don’t have worry about them around kids and other pets. Its cuteness also comes from its occasional snoring and snorting, playfulness and small size.

3 Pomsky

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Part Siberian husky and part Pomeranian, the pomsky looks looks like a Pomeranian with husky markings as a puppy. If that doesn’t make you go, “Awww,” the dog grows up to look like a tiny husky. The mixed breed can have fur that’s white with black, gray, cream, brown or red—posh designer choices for sure. The husky part of the dog makes it highly intelligent and gives it the urge to howl, according to the Pomsky Club of America. The Pomeranian side makes it fluffy and energetic. Also adding to the pup’s cuteness is the fact that some of the dogs have two different eye colors.

2 Cockapoo

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Called the “original designer dog” by, the cockapoo hybrid has been around since the 1960s. The dog is a cross between a cocker spaniel and a poodle, and is known for its hypoallergenic traits because it hardly sheds and is dander-free. Other than a weekly brushing, cockapoos don’t need any special grooming to keep their charming looks. You’ll find the cuteness factor in this hybrid breed when you look into a pup’s big cocker spaniel eyes and play with its floppy, curly furred ears.

1 Yorkipoo

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The yorkipoo is a designer hybrid that can weigh as little as 3 pounds as an adult. Almost any pup that’s small is cute. The dog is a cross between a Yorkshire terrier and toy poodle, resulting in a little ball of lightning that thinks it’s six times bigger than it is. This hybrid has the fearlessness and energy of a terrier mixed with the intelligence of a poodle. Owners can expect a lot of yapping and mischief from this delightful pup. The seriously cute yorkipoos have the curly fur of a poodle and look like puppies forever when the owners keep the fluff trimmed.

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