Top 5 Communication Careers

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If you are looking for a college degree or major that will make you attractive to employers, communications should be at the top of your list. In the age of the 24/7 news cycle, knowledge of and proficiency in media technology puts you at an immediate advantage. Beyond that, communications is an essential skill in a variety of fields that at first glance may seem unrelated.

5 Technical Writer

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In today’s technology-rich society, there is a need for writers who can review, describe and explain the uses of technological products to consumers and other professionals. Technical writers are employed by specialized trade publications, by companies that manufacture and sell technology, and by companies and institutions that use technological products in their daily operations to write user manuals, assembly instructions, Internet-based support documents, FAQs and help pages. As technology continues to be central to our daily lives, professionals who can explain these products to others will find their skills in great demand.

4 Meeting and Event Planner

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The meeting and event planning industry is expected to increase its hiring by 44 percent in the decade between 2010 and 2020. Globalization and instant global communication that the Internet has facilitated have increased the importance of establishing personal connections between far-flung organizations and people. Meeting and event planners are hired to plan weddings and banquets for private individuals and conferences for corporations, nonprofits and trade associations; they also go on the campaign trail with politicians, on official state trips and everywhere a public figure may need help planning events.

3 Customer Service

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Fairly or not, most of us draw conclusions about a company or business’s competence and quality based on how we are treated by the employees we interact with directly. That makes customer service managers essential to a business’ success. To succeed in customer service, you have to have a lot of emotional intelligence and a thick skin. You also have to know how your company works so you can solve customers’ complaints or problems quickly and effectively. The physical impression you make on customers or clients is crucial in this field. Your personal grooming, the way you dress, your manner, voice, facial expressions and nonverbal behavior can take you far.

2 Public Relations

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Public relations is not a new field, but its importance continues to increase in an age of global interconnectedness and all-day news. Public relations professionals serve as the liaison between their clients—individuals, businesses or organizations of any size—and the outside world. A public relations specialist works with the client to define and cultivate a target audience and public image, and then effectively develops and protects that image by using a variety of communication tools, such as speeches, public appearances, press releases, press conferences, media interviews and press kits. In today’s wired world, anyone seeking a successful career in public relations needs to have an understanding of all forms of social media.

1 Language Jobs

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If you are fluent in a language other than English, you will have almost unlimited opportunities. Teaching and translating are two obvious careers open to those who are expert speakers and writers in more than one language. If you are fluent in one or more of specific languages that are in high demand, such as Chinese, Arabic, Farsi and other Middle Eastern and Asian languages, you will have an enormous advantage, since there is a great need in numerous contexts—military, government and corporate—for people who speak these languages. Fluency in one or more foreign languages will also enhance your options in almost any profession: multinational corporate business, science and technology, journalism and the hospitality industry.

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