Fill Up on Comfort Food at These Top 5 Spots in Los Angeles

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There are certain foods in our lives that make us feel a certain way, or remember a time when everything was great and we didn’t have to work or pay bills or find love or anything else that sucks ass. Those foods are, naturally, comfort foods. They differ from person to person, but the common theme is that they make us feel good. The take our frowns and turn them upside down, which is why we felt it necessary to provide you with a list of the five best places in Los Angeles to find comfort food.

5 Aunt Kizzy’s Back Porch UPDATE: Restaurant Closed

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Does your soul require like-named food for comfort’s sake? Then get yourself down to Aunt Kizzy’s Back Porch, child! Aunt Kizzy has been serving up down home soul food for years. Naturally, the fried chicken is mouth-watering but they really nail it with most everything. From the macaroni and cheese to the grits to the cornbread and biscuits, you can’t go wrong at Aunt Kizzy’s. The fact that it is down near the beach helps, too, because you’re going to need to walk around for a while when you leave there unless, of course, they have to carry you out. With food like this, they just might.

4 Dinah’s

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Dinah’s is a diner. I don’t think it was named so that people from Boston wouldn’t get confused when they described the place aloud, but I’m sure many a Bostonian has trudged through this roomy 50’s style diner and been very happy they did. The menu is huge, like, carried them down from the mountain on stone tablets huge. What do you want? What is your comfort food of choice? Dinah’s will have it. The fried chicken is amazing, as is most everything else. If you’re hungry, sit down and tell your wait person you want chicken fried steak, double mashed potatoes, and gravy all over the place. The steak itself is about the size of a toddler’s torso and the gravy really is all over the place. Delightful!

3 The Waffle

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There’s just something about breakfast, isn’t there? It can be so many things – meat and eggs, syrupy cakes, healthy fruit and oatmeal – the list goes on and on. The waffle serves a variety of what you might expect – waffles. They have a ton of waffles – blueberry lemon, regular, bacon-filled, etc. The list really does go on and on. They’re also happy to serve you eggs and hash browns and the like as well. If you want to have some real belly fun, get the grilled cheese. It’s made using waffles. A waffle grilled cheese sandwich? Yes, please.

2 Flake

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Do you watch “The Office”? Well, did you watch “The Office” when it was good, anyway? Remember that episode where Michael tells everyone he wants to open a restaurant that serves nothing but cereal? That’s Flake. Okay, they serve other stuff as well but they have nearly thirty different kinds of cold cereal “on tap”, so to speak. Aside from the great breakfast and lunch plates they offer, the cereal is what got them on this list. Who doesn’t remember spending Saturdays plopped in front of the TV watching cartoons while spilling bowl after bowl of sugar-crammed cereal everywhere? That’s comfort, my friend.

1 Pink’s

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The hot dog is so easy it’s almost stupid. Bun, sausage, mustard, profit. It’s really that easy, and is probably one of the main reasons Pink’s has been in business since 1939. As a child we all ate hot dogs because it was easy for our parents to make and it shut us the hell up. They won, we won, and everything was right with the world. Pink’s is THE hot dog spot in Los Angeles. A small place with a seemingly smaller amount of seating, it has a line that snakes back on itself four times before it swings around the building. This line is always there, mind you. It’s that good at Pink’s. They have walls lined with autographed celebrity headshots and, most importantly, the best damn hot dogs in town.

All better now? Feeling comfortable and hungry? Yes, we thought you might be. What is your comfort food of choice? Is there something here we’ve missed? Of course there isn’t. We’re professionals, unlike you. You’re just sitting there reading about other people’s adventures. Grab you prying bar, lift yourself out of your chair, get out into the world, and see if you can find something better. Better yet, just go try these places. We’ve saved you the trouble of having to look for something on your own.

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