Did Your Favorite Chick Flicks From 2010 Make Our Top 5 List? Find Out Here!

With one exception, 2010 didn’t produce any big-name rom-coms. However, there were plenty of movies that just squeezed their way into the chick flick category even if they were off by one or two of the usual criteria. Here is the ultimate chick flick lover’s list for 2010:

5 Dear John

As much as it pained us to put this on the list because it’s definitely not rom-com, it was pointed out to us by the male of the species that the definition of chick flicks must include movies that most guys will avoid like the plague. Therefore, intellectual honesty required it. Roger Ebert summarized the movie best by saying “Dear John tells the heartbreaking story of two lovely young people who fail to find happiness together because they’re trapped in an adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks novel.” It follows the lifelong love between John, a member of the U.S. army special forces, and Savannah, a sweet and noble Southern Belle. He goes off to war and they all continue to be tragic and noble and bittersweet until they die. The end. (We don’t like sad movies. Can you tell?)

4 Eat Pray Love

Julia Roberts was busy this year! Like we said, that gets a movie onto our list automatically, especially since it fulfills our chick flick criteria of being light-hearted, having a female main character to relate to, and having plenty of dating and cute guys. But if it wasn’t for those factors, this movie just wouldn’t do it for us. The more relatable and close to home a movie is, the better. If you can’t picture yourself as the heroine getting swept off your feet, what’s the point? And we just can’t picture ourselves taking a year off to eat, meditate and have men fall in love with us. Instead, we prefer student loans and retirement funds. Now THERE’s a way to find yourself.

3 Life As We Know It

A good looking single man and good looking single woman are forced to move in together to care for their shared god-daughter after her parents are killed in a car accident. Does anyone not see where this is going? But it takes a lot more than predictability to kill a good chick flick. There’s a reason the classic formats are over-used. It’s because we love them. This has got them all: Cute guys loving cute kids, hatred turning to love, and even an airport chase. This may not be one of the chick flicks that is worth buying on DVD but if you need something new for a girl’s night in, it does the trick.

2 Letters to Juliet

Did you know that every year thousands of people write letters to William Shakespeare’s Juliet? The city of Verona actually finances the Club di Giulietta to respond to them in Juliet’s name. This is the story of an American woman who stumbles across that group and finds a letter that had been forgotten. She responds to it and is asked to help reunite the lovers involved, who are now both grandparents. In doing so, she learns what love is really about and finds it for herself. It may sound a bit sappy but this movie manages to embrace the sappiness. It takes you to romantic Verona, among old buildings, balconies and countryside wineries so that when the lovey-dovey moments come you’re already a puddle of mush and ready to say “aww.”

1 Valentine’s Day

This is the big exception we mentioned early and the supreme chick flick of 2010. Of course, once Julia Roberts is in a movie it almost automatically makes it to the list. But this one would have made it even without her since it is basically just multiple mini-chick flicks rolled into one, probably in an attempt to remake Love Actually with American accents. We’ll take this opportunity to say that it’s nowhere near as good as Love Actually even if it is the chick flickiest chick flick of 2010. The movie follows eleven interconnected couples throughout Valentine’s Day. Some start out strangers and come together, while others start out together and come apart or just get cuter. This one was clearly made to sell and isn’t much in terms of originality but with an all-star cast and plenty of adorableness, it still deserves the top spot.

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