From Murder to Affairs These Are The Biggest Celebrity Scandals of All Time

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Everybody loves a juicy celeb scandal – except maybe the celebrities themselves. It’s hard to feel sorry for Paris Hilton about her sex tape, or Russell Crowe for his hotel temper tantrum, but these stars have it so good most of the time, who can blame us for wanting to gossip when they massively screw up? It makes us feel a little better about that fact that we’re not spending our time lounging on yachts and getting Oscar nominations.

There have been plenty of celebrity scandals over the years. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton’s love affair was called “Le Scandal” in the 1960s and it knocked John Glenn’s orbit of the moon off the covers of some newspapers. Crazy. We all know about Kobe, and Kate Moss and her cocaine habit. The list of celeb scandals could go on for days. So let’s just keep it confined to the last few decades, OK? And you’ll probably have a whole celeb scandal crib sheet of your own – feel free to share it in the comments. There’s plenty to go around.

5 Mel Gibson

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From beloved, sexy blockbuster star to reviled, sweaty racist, misogynistic, homophobic man. That’s a real career path to be proud of. Used to be, Gibson’s bio was all about what an amazing actor and director he was. Then he gets drunk (very drunk, a lot), cheats on his wife, screams racial slurs at the cops, allegedly hits a woman… and it really doesn’t get any better from there. Mel Gibson can’t really make any lame “sex addict” excuses – this is one scandal that ain’t going away.

4 Winona Ryder Shoplifting at Saks

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OK so you’re a wealthy, successful movie star. You need some new dresses so you pop over to Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills and… stuff them into your bag like a common criminal? That’s what wacky Winona did in 2001 when she was caught and tried for shoplifting – she wore lots of demure headbands during the trial. She also had some painkillers on hand so maybe that explains it. Still, use your credit card woman, you know you have two or ten.

3 Tiger Woods

Whoa Nellie. Everybody just loved Tiger Woods. He looked all clean cut and preppy in his gold outfits and he had that dorky smile, that perfect wife, and that incredible talent. He was like a golden child until it came out that he had mistresses all over the universe for years. He really liked waitress/aspiring model types who weren’t nearly as hot as his actual wife – go figure. Another celeb with a “sex addiction.” I mean, this is GOLF – everyone is so mild mannered and well behaved. Yeah right.

2 Phil Spector

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Hey look, another crazy celebrity accused of murder! Spector is one of the biggest record producers of all time. Back in the day he didn’t have that crazy Bozo the Clown hairdo or that psychotic look in his eyes and he produced everyone’s records, from Ike and Tina to John Lennon to The Ramones. Isn’t that a fulfilling life dude? Then you have to go and murder someone? In 2003, an actress named Lana Clarkson was found shot dead at Spector’s house. After two trials, he was sentenced to nineteen years in the slammer. It’s scandalous all right, but when you see pictures of Spector’s changing hairdos during the trial it adds a whole other level of “WTF.”

1 OJ Simpson

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I mean, come on. You can’t start a celeb scandal list without this zinger. Have you ever met anyone (besides OJ) who thinks he didn’t kill his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman? The trial, in the mid-90s, lasted over nine months (hello tax dollars) and, despite all the evidence (the car, the gloves, the fact that he looks like a sociopath), he was acquitted. He had a flashy lawyer in Johnny Cochran who somehow convinced the jury that there wasn’t enough evidence. Then he was finally cuffed a few years ago when he admitted to robbing a Vegas sports memorabilia dealer. He’s obviously not only a murderer but super smart, too. In any case, the OJ murder trial is one hell of a scandal – he literally got away with murder. Allegedly.

What do you think? Any celeb scandals you think beat these?

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