You’ll Chuckle at These Celebrity Photobombs

Let’s face it: Ruining pictures is naturally fun, and some of these funny celebrity photobombs will make you laugh until your cheeks ache.

Randomly jumping into the frame for a picture you aren’t meant to be in, or photobombing, has become a downright phenomenon over the last few years. Thanks to the unbelievable amount of pictures being taken and shared via the internet, the practice of photobombing has spread like wildfire, and evidence of it can be seen all over the world wide web.

The now-common practice isn’t just limited to mere mortals; even celebrities are doing it! Just look at Jennifer Lawrence bombing on Sarah Jessica Parker at the 2013 Met Gala. She photobombs just like you! Only she does it while being rich, famous and ridiculously attractive. Some of her famous pals have gotten into the mix, too.

Here are 15 celebrity photobombs that will make you chuckle:

15.) Tyler, The Creator

Tyler, the creator photobombing Donald Trump would alwways remain one of our favorite celebrity photobombs


This photobomb got the internet in guffaws and will always remain in the celebrity photobombs hall of fame.

What makes this hilarious was the fact that Donald Trump had no clue what was happening. This happened after Donald Trump was a guest on Jimmy Fallon’s show and Tyler, The Creator performed.