Top 5 Celebrity Breakups

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As much as you might admire the glamour and luxury of the perfect celebrity couple, the scandalous breakups often gain more attention than the relationship itself—and the bigger they are, the louder they fall. As anyone who’s ever bought a T-shirt pledging their support for one “team” over another in a scandalous split can attest, a juicy breakup can sometimes do more for a celebrity’s reputation than an Oscar or a championship ever could.

5 Jesse James and Sandra Bullock

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The relationship between good girl Sandra Bullock and the tattooed biker boy Jesse James may not have made sense, but they had the public convinced of their happiness—until it was revealed that Jesse had cheated on Sandra a number of times. Sandra’s fans quickly rallied to her side, angry at Jesse for hurting and betraying such a sweet, loving woman—and Jesse did himself no favors by lashing out that he’d apologized enough. Jesse’s whining about the suffering he’d had to endure as a result of his own treacherous actions didn’t get him much sympathy.

4 Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren

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No one knew much about Elin Nordegren or her marriage to Tiger Woods until the couple split up amidst an explosion of scandalous stories about his multiple affairs that ended their marriage and severely damaged Tiger’s reputation. The public was quick to express shock and shame that Tiger would feel the need to cavort with cocktail waitresses with a Swedish swimsuit model waiting at home, and Elin expressed embarrassment after being blind-sided by the affairs. Of course, it was tabloid reports of a golf-club wielding Elin chasing Tiger out of the house that first captured the public’s eye. Unsurprisingly, Tiger found it hard to concentrate on golf for a while after the split was made public.

3 Woody Allen and Mia Farrow

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While it’s true Woody and Mia never married, and in fact, never even lived together, they were definitely considered a couple and managed to maintain their fairly odd relationship for over a decade. During that time, they had one biological child, adopted two children together and worked together nearly non-stop. Then, in 1992, they announced they were splitting up—because Woody had been having a sexual relationship with Mia’s adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn, who was then 21 years old. Even more shockingly, Woody’s relationship with Soon-Yi has lasted longer than his relationship with Mia.

2 Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

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Maybe no one made a single word out of their names, but Brad and Jen spent seven years as Hollywood’s golden couple—literally and figuratively. The luxurious wedding that shut down part of the Pacific Coast Highway, the beautiful Malibu beach house, the parties and awards—they seemed to lead the perfect life. Brad was the picture-perfect leading man; Jennifer was America’s sweetheart. As it turns out, they also are both very good actors. Jennifer claimed Brad lacked a “sensitivity chip” and according to Brad, their married life was just boring. That didn’t stop tabloids from speculating for months—surely there had to be a more interesting and scandalous reason such a gorgeous couple would call it quits.

1 Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

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True, the relationship seemed strange from the start. There was Tom’s infamous couch jumping on Oprah, strange Scientology rumors, and of course, Tom’s insistence on referring to his wife as “Kate” despite the fact that her entire family continued to call her “Katie.” However, with the birth of Suri, Tomkat became an A-list fixture. Still, there was much whispering, much of it focused around Tom’s scientology rituals, insistence on secrecy and his apparent controlling nature. Had Katie been brainwashed? Evidently not, as she filed for divorce and sole legal custody of their daughter. Tom claimed he didn’t see it coming—he was probably the only one.

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