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When you’re stripping down on the big screen, you want to be as fit as possible. Hollywood stars exercise religiously to attain hot-body status. For the rest of us average Joes and Janes, training that hard just isn’t possible. A handful of fit celebrities are so awe-inspiring, however, that they just might motivate you to stay an extra five minutes on the treadmill.

5 Jessica Biel

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Justin Timberlake sang about bringing sexy back, and he found it all right. His wife, Jessica Biel, is the celebrity with the body that everyone wants. Biel was named sexiest woman alive by “Esquire” magazine in 2005 and for good reason. She isn’t chiseled to the point of insanity and she’s not chesty or overly curvy. She’s toned, fit and perfectly voluptuous. Too bad bodies of such perfection don’t come easy. Biel is careful about what she eats, although she doesn’t starve herself, and she trains hard to keep those flawless curves.

4 Joe Manganiello

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“Magic Mike” also brought the world’s eyes to Joe Manganiello, who was already well-known among “True Blood” fans. Manganiello’s body is possibly one of the best male bodies in Hollywood, possibly the world. How did he get so ripped? Hard work. Literally. Manganiello once worked in construction for a masonry company. Physical labor does a body good apparently.

3 Channing Tatum

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Is there anything that isn’t wonderful about Channing Tatum? He’s flexed his muscle all over the big screen, taking a turn on the stripper pole in “Magic Mike,” then blasting through baddies in “G.I. Joe: Retaliation” and “White House Down.” The most admirable trait about Tatum’s body—no, not that—is that it’s doable for the average Joe. He isn’t over-the-top ripped. With a bit of hard work and dedication, you too can look like Channing Tatum. Maybe.

2 Beyoncé

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Some Americans drive themselves nuts trying to achieve that perfect six pack, flat belly and toned bottom, but they lose focus of what’s truly attractive—health. Beyoncé has never lost sight of her health and happiness. As a result, she has a body with all the right elements. It curves where it should, but her muscles are toned enough that she still looks svelte and fit in her skin-tight bodysuits. She embraced pregnancy, and kept up her healthy habits throughout, After giving birth to her daughter in 2012, Beyoncé got to work losing the excess pounds with a high-protein diet, breastfeeding and hours on the treadmill. Some might say she looks better than ever, and they’d be right. Beyoncé’s curves are mesmerizing.

1 Gwen Stefani

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Gwen Stefani has a body that both men and women envy, thanks to a pretty tough workout routine. The singer keeps her body muscular with a grueling on- stage performance while on tour with her band “No Doubt” and by weight training when she’s not entertaining the masses. Stefani has worked tirelessly to keep her fit form and manages to look better than starlets half her age. She says anyone can have her body. “You just have to eat healthy, work out, and torture yourself,” she told “Harper’s Bazaar.” That doesn’t sound fun at all.

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