Top 5 Celebrities Who Have Adopted Children

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Celebrities really are like us. They own homes, pay bills and raise families—when they not walking the red carpet, that is. Some celebrities have such big hearts that they make room in their circles to adopt a child—several, in some cases. These celebrities are some of the most well-known adoptive parents in the biz.

5 Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock’s adoption story started out on a rocky note. In 2010, after filing paperwork to adopt a 1-week-old baby boy in New Orleans, she and hubby Jesse James called it quits. Bullock followed through with adopting the newborn even as she went through divorce proceedings. She made the adoption official on her own that same year.

4 Charlize Theron

Hollywood leading lady Charlize Theron decided she didn’t need to wait for Mr. Right to come along to have kids. In early 2012, Theron officially adopted baby Jackson, who was born in November 2011. Apparently 2012 was a big year for Theron. Not only did she become a first-time mother, she was also named “sexiest actress” by Victoria’s Secret.

3 Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelly

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Actress Katherine Heigl and hubby Josh Kelly, of the band Lady Antebellum, have two little girls who were both adopted. In 2009, little Naleigh, which is a nickname for Nancy Leigh, joined their family from South Korea. Baby Adalaide Marie Home, who was born in the United States, came on board in 2012. Kelly must be loving life surrounded by his lovely ladies.

2 Madonna

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Because the original Material Girl wasn’t already busy enough with her two biological children, she decided to up and adopt a couple more kids. Madonna finalized son David Banda’s adoption in 2008. The following year, she added daughter Mercy Jones to her bunch. Both kids were born in Malawi.

1 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Brad and Angelina—you may know them as “Brangelina”—are notorious for their eclectic brood. The Jolie-Pitt bunch includes six kids in all—three biological and three adopted. The duo brought Cambodian-born Maddox into their home in 2002. They went on to adopt a little girl, Zahara, from Ethiopia in 2006, and another son, Pax, from Vietnam in 2007. In the midst of the adoption frenzy, Brangelina had time to give birth to a daughter and a set of twins—a boy and a girl. It’s like a modern-day, real-life Brady Bunch in Hollywood.

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