Top 5 Celeb Weight-Loss Success Stories

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The paparazzi love the ups and downs of celebrity yo-yo dieters, eagerly snapping photos of celebs thin and not-so-thin. Some celebrities have gained and lost plenty of weight for specific film or television projects, while others are scrutinized for every pound gained during pregnancy and monitored for how fast they lose the weight after childbirth. The real celebrity weight-loss heroes stand out for long-term lifestyle changes and positive, healthy attitudes.

5 Jennifer Hudson

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Academy-award winning actress and singer Jennifer Hudson was called “too fat for Hollywood.” She proved her critics wrong by winning an Oscar in 2006 for “Dreamgirls” while at her heaviest weight of over 200 pounds. Hudson has been a Weight Watchers spokesperson and has successfully maintained her 80-pound weight loss through lifestyle changes, which she documented in an autobiography. As of 2013, the 5 foot 9 Hudson has maintained her weight at between 130 and 140 pounds.

4 John Goodman

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Award-winning actor John Goodman was half of one of television’s funniest—and fattest—couples on the “Roseanne” show. Goodman told “Men’s Health” magazine that for years, he was a yo-yo dieter, losing 60 to 65 pounds every year and gaining it back. At his heaviest in 2009, he was a life-threatening 375 pounds. In 2010, he lost 100 pounds, and by 2013, showed that the weight continued to stay off as he accepted a SAG award for outstanding performance as part of the cast of “Argo.”

3 Drew Carey

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Comedian Drew Carey is an audience favorite for his work in sitcoms, game shows and standup comedy. At his heaviest in 2010, “The Price is Right” host weighed 262 pounds and required medication for type 2 diabetes. His motivation for his dramatic 90-pound weight loss in 2010 was that he was “sick of being fat.” Carey maintained his weight loss in 2013, and in addition to improved energy and an active lifestyle, no longer takes diabetes medication.

2 Kelly Osbourne

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Beginning her transition from chubby young woman to fashion icon in 2009, Kelly Osbourne has lost at least 70 pounds. In 2013, Osbourne’s transformation saw her rocking bikinis on the cover of fitness magazines. Few would have the courage to copy her fierce lavender hair or rock-inspired fashions; more are likely to adopt Osbourne’s dramatic and lasting lifestyle changes. Referring to herself as a “former fat person,” Osbourne says the only way to succeed in losing weight and keeping it off is complete commitment to a lifestyle change.

1 Al Roker

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“Today Show” and Weather Channel personality Al Roker was inspired to lose weight by a promise to his father, Al Roker Sr., who was dying of cancer. The elder Roker feared his morbidly obese son would not be around to care for his grandchildren. With the aid of gastric-bypass surgery in 2002, exercise and continued healthy eating, Roker lost almost 140 pounds and an astonishing 20 suit sizes. Roker maintains his weight at about 200 pounds, as of 2013, and continues to inspire others to lose weight.

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