Top 5 Cars For Gas Mileage

Hybrid cars are all the rage right now, but which ones are truly best for gas mileage? We've got a list of our favorites, complete with average mpg & price.

When you own a car, gas is a huge expense. This is especially true if you own a large SUV type vehicle that seems to consume the stuff like a gas guzzling monster. Most people don’t need to have such a large car, and if you can get away with having a smaller economy car, you’re going to win at the gas game.

Each week when you have a car that has terrific gas mileage, you’ll be putting less gas in your car and keeping more money in your pocket for other things. Sounds like a good plan, doesn’t it? Keep in mind all of these are hybrid vehicles that use a combination of electric and gas to power their motors.


Here are the Top 5 cars for gas mileage in the 2017 models that will have you on the road to driving a less costly vehicle.


5.) Ford Fusion Hybrid: (43 city, 49 highway= 46 overall mpg)

Ford Fusion

The Ford Fusion Hybrid is a popular sports sedan that’s pretty affordable. It starts around $25,000 and goes up depending on what features you want to spring for in your particular model. They do make a higher end version called the “Sport,” but it’s going to cost you at least $40,000. For gas mileage, as a hybrid, it’s on par with other ones in its class. The interior is roomy and comfortable, so this would be a great choice for a family of four or even just a couple looking for basic car to get around town in.

If you want to keep the interior of your Ford Fusion as nice as the exterior, you should purchase some Husky Liners, which will protect your floors from wear and tear. These are specifically fitted for the Ford Fusion. This is vital if you have children that snack in the car.

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4.) Honda Accord Hybrid: (49 city, 47 highway= 48 overall mpg)

2017 Honda Accord Hybrid

The Honda Accord Hybrid is an exceptional car that’s stylish and sporty. Considered a mid-size car, this is suitable for a family of four or a couple. Even solo drivers will like this car, if you prefer a four-door vehicle. Prices start at $29,000. This particular hybrid version was just reintroduced in 2017, so there was a ton of thought put into this model. It seats five people and is a very comfortable ride with quiet performance. Crash test ratings on this are also exceptional, which is important. Want a cool chrome license plate frame? You can score one for your Honda Accord with this stylish Chrome Frame from Personalized City.

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3.) Kia Niro (SUV): (33 city, 52 highway= 43 overall mpg)

Kia Niro

The only hybrid SUV on the list, it’s amazing that the Kia Niro ranks so well for mileage. If you just have to have an SUV, you might want to consider the Niro because in all honesty, it’s quite affordable. It starts at $22,000, fits five people comfortably and has plenty of cargo space to cart around anything you might need. It also has a bunch of standard high end safety features, including emergency automatic braking, cruise control and even a blind spot detector that helps you see in odd spots. Overall, this is a very safe and respectable vehicle that won’t cost you a ton in gas.

For long road trips with the kids, it will pay to invest in a tablet they can watch that attaches to the back of the captain’s seats, like this one from Chargercity Premium that fits various Samsung, Apple, or Amazon models of tablets. It even works with the Nintendo Switch for total gaming fun. You definitely won’t hear “are we there yet” a million times when your kids have games to play and movies to watch.

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#2: Toyota Prius: (43 city, 59 highway= 51 overall mpg)

Toyota Prius Three

The Toyota Prius has been a popular car for quite a few years now, mainly because it gets such great gas mileage. You’ll love the latest version, called the “3,” starting at $23,000. The Toyota Prius Prime is also a newly released model that’s the first plug-in only version. Either way, it’s going to get you where you want to go without taking a ton of gas money out of your pocket. Plus, it’s considered a compact car, so if you have to park in tight space in the city it’s going to be easier to do in this model.

If you live out west in one of the desert states, you’ll definitely need a sunshield to protect the interior of your car from getting too hot. The HeatShield Sunshade is specially made for the Prius to fit the interior windshield perfectly.

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#1: Hyundai Ioniq (42 city, 60 highway= 51 overall mpg)

Hyundai Ioniq

This car is ready to take on the Prius for just about every category. For gas mileage, it comes in at about the same or a little bit better depending on what review you read. The Hyundai Ioniq is affordable at starting prices of $22,000 and also has a slew of cool safety features that you can add to the package. It also has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto features standard in the model. That way you can play your favorite tunes, while you are saving money on gas.

With all that extra dough you can buy a new smartphone, like the Samsung Galaxy S8. You can even bluetooth hands free chat with all your friends while driving your brand new Hyundai Ioniq.

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