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Top 5 Car Necessities For Tailgating

Tailgating is the most fun part of football season for many people. In fact, the wait for football season can be excruciating for those who enjoy the social interaction of tailgating, perhaps you can relate. Thankfully, your wait is over. Football is here once again, which means tailgating is back! Now is the time to up your tailgating game to another level, one you never thought possible. To help you out, we have compiled a list of the Top 5 products that you have to try in order to catapult your current tailgating setup into another stratosphere.

1.) Stow Away Hitch Grill Station: Swingaway Frame

Any tailgating experience is only as good as the food being served. Therefore, food prep is vitally important to a great game day atmosphere. Grilling food on site is, of course, one way to ensure fresh, tasty food. Unfortunately, getting a grill to your tailgating spot can be difficult, especially if you aren’t traveling in a truck. Thankfully, this product allows you to hitch a portable grill right on the back of any ride. This means you can keep your precious cargo space free for other things. You also won’t have to worry about the grill smell permeating throughout your car as you travel to and from the game as this is self-sustained outside your vehicle via hitch mounted station. This grill is also removable, so you can use it all year round, when fishing or hunting, not just during football season. Buy yours at Amazon for $589.

2.) Erickson Cargo Carrier

Cargo space is at a premium when transporting tailgating gear. This foldable cargo carrier helps you transport more gear than ever before. You can haul up to 500 pounds of gear. Imagine being able to easily transport your portable chairs, tent, tables, a cooler and even portable grill all without having to take up the cargo space you need to transport other things…as well as passengers. Buy yours at Amazon for $149.88.

3.) Portable Satellite Antenna

Whether you plan to watch the game in the stadium or not, having a satellite feed at your tailgate setup is a great idea. This allows you to watch all the game day shows as well as keep up with the scores of the games that come on before your team takes the field. Should you decide to forgo the crowded stadium and stay at your tailgate setup, you can even watch your team as they tee it up on the gridiron, all from the comfort of your tailgate space.

This is of course if you have a portable satellite like this one from Dish. This dish allows you to tap into the DISH satellite feed. You can use the DISH pay-as-you-go to only pay for the viewing you want or you can add it to an already established DISH service if you use the company at your home. This allows you to bring a flat screen or projection system along and be able to access the games and shows you want to see during your tailgating time. Buy yours on Amazon for $299 + service fees.

4.) RealTree Tailgate 450W Inverter

In order to watch TV or patch into a satellite feed, you have to be able to make power portable. Thankfully, with this product by RealTree, you can convert your car’s battery into a regular outlet. This particular product is ideal for tailgating because it has three outlets, allowing you to harness 450W of power. This is sufficient to power most common appliances, like a TV, radio or fan. You can also charge your smartphones, iPods and iPads thanks to the handy USB ports that are also part of this product.  The freedom and entertainment this one product allows make it well worth the investment. Buy yours on Amazon for $48.25.

5.) Flag Pole, Wheel Mount, Game Day Tailgate

Last but certainly not least is this amazingly fun, portable drive-on folding flag base. This allows you to proudly display up to two flags. This portable flag pole gives you the ability to proudly fly your team’s logo as well as fly one other flag, that you could perhaps use as a way to identify your particular tailgate setup. This will help your friends and family members find you in the crowd and will give your tailgating setup a bit of something extra that others around you don’t have. Buy yours on Amazon for $85.50.

The five products listed above will all take your tailgating game up a notch. Try one or all of them in order to impress every guest at your tailgate as well as anyone who happens to wander by throughout the day.

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