Top 5 Tips To A Successful Camping Trip

Camping can be a nice reprieve from the city, but it's not always comfortable. Follow our five tips, and we promise you'll have your most relaxing trip yet.

Sleeping under the stars, becoming one with nature, leaving the hectic pace of everyday life for a reprieve surrounded by natural beauty; these are all reasons you might give as the motivation behind your next camping trip. To ensure your next trip is the best yet and that you, in fact, achieve your peaceful experience, follow our five tips to a successful camping trip.

5.) Bring a portable kitchen

BioLite Camp Stove Bundle

When camping, you’re still going to want to cook for yourself and your guests. The CampStove 2 Camp Fire allows you to boil water or cook meals, thanks to its smokeless fire. Of course, you will need the Portable Grill, and KettlePot to go along with the stove — luckily, Amazon offers a bundle package of all three. This stove doesn’t stop there, though. It also comes with an integrated battery, LED dashboard and gives you the ability to charge your devices by utilizing the power of fire. Of course, being disconnected is part of the allure of camping, but let’s be reasonable, the need for entertainment can become overwhelming on occasion, even when “escaping it all” is the goal.

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4.) Arm yourself with a multitool

Leatherman-OHT Multitool 

When you’re this far away from civilization, the Leatherman-OHT Multitool will make life in the wilderness easier. This particular multi-use tool is operable using only one hand. You can use it for a variety of purposes, including opening cans, flipping food on the grill, cutting wires and much more. The Leatherman unit contains 16 handy tools you will want for your next trek into the woods.

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3.) Don’t use the woods as your bathroom

Century Five-Gallon Portable Toilet 

Admittedly, the Century Five-Gallon Portable Toilet isn’t the most glamorous product, but “when you gotta go, you gotta go,” so this portable toilet is a necessity anytime you are heading out in the woods. Even if you have access to bathrooms nearby, it’s still wise to have something like this on hand for kids or to use at night when you don’t want to hike to the bathroom. This particular toilet has a self-contained flushing feature and a full sized seat and lid.

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2.) Make sure you have a comfy seat

Picnic Time Portable Folding Sports Chair

Another necessity when camping is a place to sit, either while eating or just vegging. The Picnic Time Portable Folding Sports Chair handles that issue nicely. The sturdy aluminum-framed chair is foldable and lightweight, making it easy to store and bring along on a camping trip. It features an insulated bottled beverage pouch, a zippered security pocket and a fold out table. The seat is extra wide at 19-1/2 inches, ensuring a comfortable experience. The weight capacity is also higher than most, at 300lbs.

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1.) Make sure you have a comfy place to sleep

Coleman Elite Montana Eight-Person Tent 

Perhaps more important than any other choice you make when camping is where you sleep. The Coleman Elite Montana Eight-Person Tent is ideal if you prefer a traditional style tent that rests on the ground. This model measures 16ft. x 7 ft. It can easily fit three queen air mattresses and allows for a person up to 6’2″ tall to stand up to their full height. It also features an LED tent light with three settings, so you don’t have to be in total darkness, and has hinged doors for easy entrance and exit. You can even attach a fan to the built-in light to keep the air moving and comfortable.

To further enhance your experience, consider the OUTAD Cot Camping Cot. This foldable cot is lightweight and easy to set up and fold down. This is an ideal way to make sleeping while camping that much easier. This particular model measures 24 x 79 inches.

You might instead choose to forgo a tent altogether in favor of a sleeping under the stars. The Grand Trunk Skeeter Peeter Pro Mosquito Hammock is the perfect hammock to try. It gives you the option of sleeping off the ground, between two trees, and features a bug net for protection that zips on and off — because no one wants the bed bugs to bite when they’re peacefully slumbering in nature. It is created with high quality, durable material that is made from 100% parachute nylon and can hold up to 400lbs of weight. This product is ready to hang as it comes complete with net suspension kit, starter rope kit and carabiners.

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