Top 5 Camping Gear Essentials You May Not Think About

Everyone knows you should to bring a tent when you go camping, but there's a lot of camping gear essentials we often overlook, like these five items!

Camping is a great way to escape the demands of everyday life. However, with that transition away from technology, roadways, job demands and all that urban life has to offer to the peacefulness and isolation of the woods comes inaccessibility. While this is good for your sanity, it demands some forward thinking on your part to ensure a positive experience. On that note, the following are five of the most important camping gear essentials you need to have before leaving behind the general population for your camping destination. These go beyond the typical gear you think of like tents, cooking gear or sleeping bags.


5.) Tarps

Tarps are one essential camping gear item that is easy to overlook. However, you will appreciate having several on hand when camping. You can use them to protect the bottom of your tent before you set it up; string them between trees to create shade over a sitting or eating area, or use them to patch up a leaky tent in the event a downpour reveals some pesky holes. Thankfully, they fold up into a pretty small package, so you don’t have to worry about them being a hassle to haul.

This camping tarp by OUTAD comes in three sizes and is available in four colors. The small measures 59 x 87 inches, the medium 71 x 87 inches and the large 97 x 87 inches when unfolded. The drawstring bag that comes with the tarp makes it super easy to bring along, and its high-density fabric construction makes it waterproof.

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4.) Swiss Army Knife

You just never know what kind of task you will be faced with in the woods. Therefore, it’s important to have a good multifunctional knife/tool on hand. Thankfully, this takes up virtually no room at all, but boy can it ever be a lifesaver in certain situations!

One good option for an army knife is this model by Rose Kuli that measures a mere seven inches. It comes with its own canvas carrying bag, has a nonstick coating, a wooden handle and a safety lock. It comes complete with a bottle opening tool, bung puller, slotted point screwdriver, knife, saw, double-sided poking knife, cross screwdriver, set of pliers, emergency hammer and even a small hatchet. You can use this tool to cut branches to make a campfire, cut rope, break stone and much more.

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3.) Rope

There are so many uses for rope at a campsite that the importance of bringing it along cannot be overstated. You can use it to create a makeshift clothesline to dry wet clothes, tie up your coolers at night, create a shelter when you combine it with the tarp listed above, tie down your tent and so much more. Simply don’t go camping without at least one rope. The more the better, though.

This two pack set of 50 feet x 3/16 inch rope is one good option for camping. The diamond braided polypropylene rope has a working load of 80lbs and also glows in the dark. Another option is this 3/16 inch x 100-foot rope that comes in assorted colors.

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2.) Lights

Being away from the lights associated with civilization can result in enveloping darkness once the sun sets. For that reason, it’s important to have a light source as part of your essential camping gear. This four pack of camping lanterns by Etekcity is the perfect solution. This low consumption lantern provides up to 12 regular hours of continuous light and comes with a 10-year warranty. The portable outdoor lantern also comes with 12 AA batteries, providing 306 degrees of luminous light, which is perfectly suited to provide illumination to your campsite.

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1.) First Aid Kit

The most crucial camping gear addition you need to have along on any camping trip is a first aid kit. This kit by Aootek is perfect for camping because it is an ultra lightweight kit small enough to fit in a glove box and comes in a durable nylon case. This makes it easy to bring along with you when you get the hiking trails and ensures it will withstand many trips into the woods.

Although it’s small, this particular kit still contains 130 different medical supplies that could come in handy when camping, some of which include a printed guide showing how to perform CPR, cotton swabs, fingertip plasters, normal plasters, butterfly stickers, which are used to close deep cuts, disinfectant wipes, a mini emergency flashlight and several types of bandages. Add paper maps of your location, a box of matches and a small tub of peanut butter to this kit and you have the perfect survival kit to take along with you on your next camping trip.

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