Top 5 Calorie Trackers Online

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Trying to lose weight? An online calorie tracker can help. These apps help you keep track of how many calories you consume each day. They also help you track your exercise so you can calculate how many calories you’ve burned, too. The only thing these apps can’t do? They can’t keep you from eating that extra slice of deep-dish pizza.

5 MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal ( earns high marks, too. It boasts a large database of food items, and even comes with a recipe scanner that lets you quickly determine the calorie content of your favorite recipes. It might cause you to recalibrate your favorite meatloaf recipe.

4 MyNetDiary

MyNetDiary ( provides more than just a calorie tracker. Users can also access a diet planner, nutritional database and healthy recipes. They can also use the app to track everything from their body measurements to their sleeping habits to the amount of water they are drinking each day.

3 WebMD Food & Fitness Planner

The WebMD Food & Fitness Planner ( tool gives you as much information as you could possibly need about your daily diet. It can help you break down your diet by calories, fibers, lipids, proteins and cholesterol.

2 CalorieKing ( scores extra points for its features, notably an exercise log and a motivational tool that allows users to set their own nutritional targets. CalorieKing also boasts an in-depth list of food choices, so that you won’t have to do much guessing when inputting your daily calories.

1 SuperTracker

You might consider SuperTracker ( to be the country’s “official” online calorie tracker. That’s because it was developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The site helps users create daily meals that include all the nutrients they need. It also does a solid job of encouraging users to not just eat better, but also to exercise more.

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