Top 5 Black and White Movies

The black and white classics are irreplaceable! They hold immense value not only because of their stories but also because they offer a glimpse in the past, as if taking a trip in a time machine. Don’t agree with my choices? Leave a comment!

5 D.O.A. (1950)

Dead on Arrival! This is a classic mystery about an accountant who has only a few days to live after being poisoned by someone in a night club.

4 The Lost World (1925)

Dinosaurs brought to life with technology from the 20s! Now that’s a challenge worth watching!

3 Mark of Zorro (1920)

Zorro is my favorite movie hero and what better way to learn about his adventures than to watch the first Zorro movie ever? There were remakes later in the 40s and 70s as well as the 2000s.

2 Great Expectations (1946)

Great Expectations is one of the first books I read during my childhood. The movie is a great representation of the story.

1 Nosferatu (1922)

A horrific masterpiece about a vampire, count Orlok, and his attempt to leave the tortured Carpathian mountains of Transylvania and settle into a town in Germany. Nosferatu still scares to this very day!

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