5 Better Exercises Than 12 Ounce Curls: Best Bicep Building Curls

So the last time you went to the beach a bully actually kicked sand in your face and walked off with your girlfriend? First off she was obviously a bitch and you’re better off without her. Secondly, it is time for a bit of self evaluation. Do your arms turkey neck like an 85 year old woman waving her winning Bingo card? The bottom line is you have three choices. #1 Stop going to the beach. #2 Eat a ton of Spinach. But that only gives you temporary strength, massive forearms and makes your pee stink. Or #3, find some weights and throw up a few sets of the Top 5 Bicep workouts:

5 Work your Triceps

If your goal is to simply get bigger arms don’t overlook the biceps bigger brother. The Triceps account for 2/3 of your arms overall size. You can do curls and chin ups until your arms fall off but your arms will never reach their peak potential if you aren’t incorporating your Triceps into your routine. Hell, do yourself a favor and work your Biceps and Triceps on the same day. The two work in conjunction with each other. They should be exercised and rested on the same schedule.

4 Hammer Curls

I know what you are thinking. These Hammer Curls are exactly like the Dumbbell Curls. You are 93% correct. What you don’t know is the 7% makes a huge difference. Turning your wrists 45 degrees works a different part of the bicep than the standard Dumbbell Curls. If you are new to Hammer Curls, you will instantly notice you can’t lift near as much weight as you can with a traditional grip. In fact it will be close to 50% less. But like all muscles, the more you work it the stronger it will get.

3 Preacher Curls

First thing you need to execute a Preachers Curl is a Preachers Bench. Some are seated, some are standing but they can easily be identified by the guy that looks like he is praying to dumbbells or the sign that says Preacher Curls here. Complete isolation is what you get here. No chance of getting any help with your back, legs or momentum. When you wake up sore the next morning don’t spend a lot of time wondering why. The Preacher Curls are why.

2 Chin Ups

It doesn’t get much more basic than a chin up. Not only does the chin up allow you to show off in front of the ladies anytime there is a random overhead pipe but If you have learned anything from TV or movies you know at some point in your life you will be dangling out a window or over a cliff and that chin up might just save your life. Another great quality of the chin up is its versatility. Bringing the hands closer together or spreading them apart on the bar will change what part of the bicep you want to work.

1 Barbell Curls

Curls have been around since the dawn of man. Neanderthals used the spine of Homo Erectus as a barbell. Because even with their tiny undeveloped brain they knew that Neanderthals broads liked big arms. (Note to anyone offended. “Broads” is a terribly demeaning term but it was the Neanderthals that used it, not me) The keys to Barbell Curls is not breaking form. Lifting more weight always looks cooler but if you are twisting and contorting to get it up then you are doing more harm than good.

Now that you have the Top 5 ways to work your Biceps here are a few more things to keep in mind. Whenever possible perform these exercises with free weights. There is nothing wrong with machines but there are hundreds of “Stabilizer” muscles throughout your body that benefit from free weights. Instead of 2000 pounds of steel isolating a particular muscle let the rest of your body do the work and benefit from it at the same time. If you are someone who is intimidated by going into the free weight section of the gym fear not. Just walk up to the biggest guy and punch him in the. No, Wait, that’s prison. At the gym typically the bigger they are the nicer they are and all muscle heads love talking about lifting techniques. But they will tell you the same thing you just read here. Do you think you have a better list? Use those noodley arms and show me what you got.

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