Which Beyoncé Songs Made Our List? Hint: They’re All Irreplaceable

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I generally have a firm belief that celebrities should not be role models. Honestly, that position should be reserved for family, friends, teachers, and persons whose successes contribute to society in a significant way. I’m equally adamant about my sisters, mom, and girlfriend not buying into pop culture as most of it, I feel, is feigned or duplicitous. Yet these sentiments fly out the window in regards to Beyoncé. Although she may be of the mainstream pop culture, she is anything but artificial. She exemplifies the power of womanhood, and urges women to do the same. Here, you have one of the most beautiful women assuring girls everywhere they are beautiful as well, and imploring a celebration of life and individuality. These 5 songs best highlight Beyoncé, her career, and her persona, capturing the essence of what I’m referring to as well as some of her versatility and dynamic.

5 “Halo”

This song is pretty much Beyoncé stripped down. Now calm down pervert, that’s not how I mean it. This song provides a glimpse at her more personal, emotional, softer side. Not letting go of the love ballad, this one comes from a different angle than usual. Less aggressive and less made up, this track humanizes her and keeps her relatable. Simply good music, I think “Halo” transcends genre. With a driving and hypnotic percussion implying stomps and claps, a delicate piano and string section, and perfectly balanced, sweeping synthesizers, the accompaniment is well suited to flaunting her vocal abilities. Powerful and intoxicating, her range is expansive beyond compare. FromI Am… Sasha Fierce, “Halo” won Beyoncé a Grammy for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, and can be found in all its glory as a live version on I Am… World Tour.

4 “Naughty Girl”

Vaguely Middle Eastern, or west Asian, and reminiscent of a belly dance, there is an interesting dynamic in this song. There’s no denying this one is racy, provocative, tantalizing; she’s blatantly broadcasting a one-night stand. Still there is something in her delivery that suggests conquest, one small battle waged on behalf of women, proclaiming that gratification is essential in liberation. The video is equally sultry and alluring, and showcases how well rounded her talents are.“Naughty Girl” appears on her debut album Dangerously in Love and as a single is certified Gold in the U.S.

3 “Crazy in Love”

It doesn’t even matter if you like R&B, or pop, or hip-hop, or whatever you might want to categorize it as. If you’ve any common sense at all this song will make you want to jump up, grab your girl and hit the dance floor. The beat is breakneck, hands up, dance hall intensity. The lyrics deviate from the previous discussion, but it’s her first single and you’ve got to get people listening before you can impose your agenda. Featuring Jay-Z, “Crazy in Love” appears on her debut solo album Dangerously in Love and is the albums lead single.

2 “Irreplaceable”

Are you seeing the theme yet? Seriously, she’s telling this fool that another man is on his way. And she’s not coming across promiscuous. She’s simply demanding respect. Damn! I don’t know about you, but I can appreciate that. Appearing on her second studio album B’Day, you’re bound to hear this track in any bar, club, hookah lounge, passing car… Don’t pretend like you don’t know it, there’s nothing tough or cool about hating on Beyoncé.

1 “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)”

Raucous and boisterous, it’s an anthem, a call to arms, and it’s just as I alluded above. An international chart topper, “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” is a dancehall pop sensation and features lyrics the likes of which epitomize this motif of empowerment. Apparently speaking directly to an ex, her words are blunt and sincere, and her delivery is exquisite. Featured on her third album I Am… Sasha Fierce, this track boasts several awards, including multiple Grammys.


From Destiny’s Child to birthing Jay-Z’s child, Beyoncé has maintained a stronghold over the spotlight. And seriously, who can be upset about that. She’s hot, she’s actually a phenomenal singer, she can dance, and she’s all about emancipating women from social and personal oppressions. Maybe you think, however, I’ve overlooked an aspect of her personality or career, or maybe you’re a ridiculously huge fan of “Run the World (Girls)”; either way, if you’ve got a problem with my list, let us know.

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