Top 5 Best Sites for Cat Lovers

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Hundreds of Web sites and forums are dedicated to everything there is to love, know, and want to know about owning a cat. But these five are extra good. Some are informative, some are entertaining, but all provide valuable insight and a common meeting area for cat lovers to meet and trade anecdotes, stories, and advice.

5 I Can Has Cheezburger

Both a source of cuteness and humor, and a way to lose a lot of time, I Can Has Cheezburger features adorable—and hysterically funny—photos of cats as well as other animals. Known worldwide for its hilarity, I Can Has Cheezburger is often referenced in memes, and for those who enjoy humor that goes beyond cats making funny faces or getting stuck in boxes, check out their sub-sites, including Fail Blog and ROFLrazzi. (

4 Petfinder

If you’re looking to adopt, or are simply just looking (fellow pet lovers know how that goes—you always come home with one, anyway!), Petfinder is a great place to start. It’s home to thousands of cat adoption listings from shelters and rescue groups. You can browse listings by location, and filter results by age, gender, and breed. Additionally, Petfinder is a great resource for pet adoption, and general cat care. (

3 Catster

Catster is a fun and informative e-zine that offers articles relating to the cat owner’s lifestyle, cat humor, videos, and sections devoted to cat care and cat adoption. If you love showing off your cats, check out the Community section, where you can set up social network profiles for your fur babies, join groups, and participate in community discussions. (

2 WebMD: Healthy Cats

WebMD, trusted for their human health website, has a well-stocked sub-site just for pets: Healthy Pets. Healthy Pets is divided into two sections: For Dog Lovers, and For Cat Lovers. The latter offers information on nutrition, common ailments, caring for kittens, general cat behavior, and slideshows that provide condensed info and tips. There’s also an active community that includes blogs, Q&A with actual veterinarians, and forums. (

1 National Association of Professional Pet Sitters

Cats may be more independent than dogs, but just because you can leave them for a day or two doesn’t mean you can leave them for longer than that. And if you have special-needs cats, you may not be able to leave them for even a day or two. Pet sitters can be hard to come by, which is why the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS). NAPPS connects professional, reputable, and trustworthy pet sitters with the pet owners who need their services. (

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