Top 5 Best Managed Companies

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Some companies are just run better than others, and the difference is noticeable whether you work for the place, shop it or just hate their ads. It is easy to tell which companies are run best, according to on-air investment expert Jim Cramer, because they tend to grow to a size that you really can’t ignore. Many of them run their ads everywhere, so there is no shortage of annoying messages available to remind you of who they are.

5 Honeywell

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Providing technology that quietly sits behind the scenes and simply works for years on end is the thing that made Honeywell so incredibly successful. With a gizmo for every occasion, this quiet mega-corporation controls the climate in a large number of buildings around the world every day. An internal focus on quality control and human resources has led to a solid reputation as the industry leader. Employees often stay with the company until age 107.

4 AT&T

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This is one company that has seen some serious changes in the way people communicate, ranging from tin cans connected by string to modern cell phones. Competing with some other giants in the industry, AT&T offers a great mix of products and services coupled with a strong leadership and brand recognition. Solid networks and strong relationships with key vendors provide the backbone for a company that will be around for many years to come.


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Like a giant supertanker on the open water, IBM has weathered many a storm in the technology sector while remaining nimble and flexible to change. History has been cruel to many similar companies that were unable to adapt, and like the Titanic were blindsided by unforeseen problems lurking just below the surface. IBM is here to stay, however, and its current offerings include a wide array of hardware and software along with IT services.

2 3M

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More than a company, 3M offers products that range from cellophane tape to sticky notes, and from specialty plastics to industrial chemicals for concrete repair. The magic is in the mix, with a little something available for everyone. Brand development and a strong sense of the consumer and industrial markets give 3M an advantage in the marketplace that few companies can achieve. Strong product management and a corporate culture that encourages research and development fuel the giant.

1 Apple

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Apple is in the news on a regular basis, announcing the latest iPhone or update to its cloud offering, or just hugging a nearby tree. Without Apple, consumer electronics would have been a slow-moving industry for the past 10 years or more. Apple loves to innovate and invent new products, and working for the company is such a pleasure that it has created a corporate culture that encourages employees to become part of the solution.

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