Who Needs A Personal Trainer When You Can Utilize These Fitness Apps?

Can't afford a personal trainer? Or maybe you just love to squeeze a workout in before work or during lunch. Regardless of what your fitness schedule and g
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Can’t afford a personal trainer? Or maybe you just love to squeeze a workout in before work or during lunch. Regardless of what your fitness schedule and goals are, there are plenty of apps available to help you shed the pounds or just keep fit. Here are our Top 5 Workout Apps for fitness buffs and those who just like to casually workout.

5 Lose it! (Free)

A little bit more streamlined than other calorie counters, Lose It! is all about being as visual and pleasing to the eye as possible while not sacrificing functionality. With the ability to scan prepackaged food items using barcodes and log them into the calorie system, Lose It! also pulls nutritional info from a stored database, and can connect to friends for motivational purposes. Lose It! is a lot more fun for those seeking anyway to turn their mundane daily calorie counting into something at least a little entertaining. With the ability to log exercises (and the amount of calories you burned per workout), you can really get an idea of what your calorie intake and output is.

4 Full Fitness ($0.99)

This is the perfect app for those who love to spend time in the gym. Even though Full Fitness comes complete with around 100 exercises you can do at home, there are around 450 exercises Full Fitness has programmed that are made to be performed at your local gym. Want to work out your shoulders, biceps and triceps? Go ahead — select those muscle groups from the menu and BOOM! You have a bunch of specific workouts for those muscle groups that you will be able to track within the app. Each workout is shown with a how-to in video, photo or audio so you won’t have to guess on the perfect form. You can even organize workouts based on available equipment. Best of all, the Full Fitness app seems to be continuously updated and improved.

3 RunKeeper (Free)

If you aren’t already on the Nike+ bandwagon, or you rather keep your pair of Adidas and not trade them in for the Swoosh, then RunKepper will be your new best friend. RunKeeper announces your stats as you run, and there is the ability to control your music through the app so you don’t have to multitask while pounding the pavement. Of course, like all good running apps, RunKeeper keeps tracks of your runs and logs them into a history where you can compare them against one another. RunKeeper is slick and easy to use, which is important, because when you’re out running and ‘in the zone,’ the last thing you want to be dealing with is a sloppy UI.

2 Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal (Free)

Calorie counting and monitoring food intake are key to a healthy and fit lifestyle. There are plenty of calorie counter apps out there, but Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker is by far the most versatile and complete. With a brilliantly organized counter which can show you how many calories you’ve had, or have left to eat during the day, along with the flexibility to put in your own homemade meals, and set personal goals, you will be able to customize the Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker to your own personal needs. There is also the ability to gain support from your friends with the social side of this app.

1 All-In-Yoga ($0.99)

We love yoga for the obvious reasons: it stretches you out, strengthens your muscles and keeps you both relaxed and balanced. The All-In-Yoga app is the best app we’ve found so far for those who love to get their Adhomukhasvanasana’s in at the park, while staying at a hotel, or even just at home. With a great user interface and over 300 poses for both beginner and advanced, All-In-Yoga is as versatile as it is streamlined. With the ability to customize your own workouts, great audio directions, and 3D muscle models displayed for every pose to show you the muscle groups worked, All-In-Yoga is a superb app.

It’s not always easy to get in shape and stay there, but we hope these apps help you reach your goals or push you to the next level!