Top 5 Best Dressed Men in Hollywood

When it comes to Hollywood leading men, looks are often just as important as acting chops. And that is definitely the case off-screen, when heartthrobs are photographed at big-budget premieres, at glamorous parties or even just out grocery shopping. A handsome face and sharp clothes can boost a reputation—or, more importantly, a future box-office take. By 2013, the best-dressed men in Hollywood have become a mix of rising stars and industry veterans, but they all have one thing in common: they know how to cut a dashing figure on the red carpet.

5 Justin Timberlake

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Pop star Justin Timberlake may be a relative newcomer to Hollywood acting, but he’s no stranger to style, and it shows in how he dresses. Timberlake has rapidly found his way onto many best-dressed lists, thanks to his mix of classic suits and nerd-chic looks like thick-framed eyeglasses. Whether in a sharp ensemble capped with a snazzy black tie, or a surprisingly striking multicolored sweater vest, Timberlake is always attracting attention for his wardrobe.

4 Ryan Gosling

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One of the next generation of Hollywood stars, Ryan Gosling has rapidly made a name for himself as a well-dressed man, too. Interestingly, what has made his reputation is not his black-tie, red-carpet image, though that wins plenty of praise. What makes Gosling stand out is his many casual styles. He’s that rare star who can make an open-collared, untucked shirt look perfect.

3 Robert Downey, Jr.

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Robert Downey, Jr., has made an impressive comeback both on- and off-screen, turning around a troubled life. In the process, he has become one of Hollywood’s most popular leading men, and one of its best-dressed. Like Johnny Depp, Downey combines the classic looks of old Hollywood with more eccentric pieces, wearing a funky shirt or trousers under a reserved and stylish blazer, for instance. But like Depp, that mix of styles works for him. Of course, anything photographs well with Downey’s famously intense-yet-playful stare.

2 Johnny Depp

Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Johnny Depp may be anything but traditional, with his tattoos and quirky film roles—but that doesn’t mean he lacks style. That style may be unique, sure, and its mix of contemporary casual with gothic touches may only work on an actor of Depp’s distinctive look. But the bottom line is, it works. Bohemian (in the best sense of that word) is a frequent adjective for the mix of simple suits with eye-catching accessories such as colored shades, long scarves and funky hats.

1 George Clooney

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George Clooney may be the perfect example of a handsome man who knows how to dress. He’s not as young as he used to be, but with age has come refinement. Today, Clooney’s off-screen style is every bit as classy—and classic—as his acting and salt-and-pepper hair. Whether bearded or not, no one looks sharper in a black tuxedo on the red carpet. More important, Clooney’s always-elegant suits are old-school handsome…and timeless.

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