Top 5 Best Cures for a Hangover

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When you wake up, everything hurts. Before you can try to piece the night together or start making the inevitable round of apology phone calls, you have to make the pain stop. You’re hungover—badly. The only thing that truly cures a hangover is time, but lucky for you, there are remedies that can dull the morning-after bane of drinkers everywhere.

5 Aspirin

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This one seems obvious, but it’s more about what not to take than what to take to ease the throbbing headache that comes with a bad hangover. Stick with old-school aspirin or ibuprofen. Steer clear of acetaminophen after drinking. When you drink, your liver is in overdrive trying to metabolize the alcohol. Experts say that taking acetaminophen can cause liver damage and even death. Hangovers are bad, but death by liver failure is worse by any sober standard.

4 Coconut Water

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Taken from coconuts too young to produce milk, coconut water is nature’s hangover remedy. Sweet and low in calories, athletes and fitness enthusiasts have sworn by its nutritional and rehydrating properties for years. Coconut water contains the same five electrolytes that are found in human blood, unlike Gatorade, which only contains two. Labeled as a miracle fluid by true believers, coconut water not only rehydrates the body, but conditions it to accept and retain more fluid than it normally would.

3 Bananas and Potato Chips

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Every person who’s ever been hungover has a “miracle” that they insist is the cure. With bananas and potato chips, there’s actually some science behind the wives tales. Alcohol is a diuretic that forces those who consume it to urinate more than they normally would from drinking the same amount of a non-alcoholic liquid. This depletes the body of salt and potassium, which are found in high quantities in potato chips and bananas, respectively.

2 Tomatoes

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People love bloody Marys and gin-based hair of the dog for the morning after a hard night of drinking. The alcohol in them, however, only delays the inevitable—but not the tomato juice. Tomatoes are rich in not only vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are depleted from drinking, but also contains fructose, which helps the body metabolize alcohol. Tomatoes can be eaten or juiced, and as bloody Mary drinkers can attest, adding some spice like cayenne does seem to help the hangover.

1 Water

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The human body contains as much as 60 percent water. When you go out drinking, you lose a lot of it. You know all those trips you took to the bar bathroom? That’s because alcohol is a diuretic, and when you drink, you become dehydrated. Medical professionals recommend drinking between 16 and 10 ounces of water before you go to bed. An even better preventative is to order a glass of water between drinks to replace fluids.

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