Top 5 Best Celebrity Couples of the ’80s

When it comes to the ’80s, no other decade was bigger or more outrageous—and the celebrity romances that blossomed during that time were no exception. Some of the most memorable celebrity couples of all time were formed in the ’80s.

5 Rob Lowe and Winona Ryder

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One of the hottest celebrity couples of the ’80s was none other than teen heartthrob Rob Lowe and doe-eyed beauty Winona Ryder. There wasn’t a boy or girl alive in the ’80s that didn’t have a crush on either one of these up-and-coming young actors. As a member of the ’80s Brat Pack, Lowe was never without a girl’s attention. However, Ryder managed to steal some personal time with the handsome actor after meeting him on the set of “Square Dance.”

4 Robert Downey, Jr. and Sarah Jessica Parker

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“Iron Man” star Robert Downey, Jr. and “Sex and the City” actress Sarah Jessica Parker were young stars in the ’80s and dated nearly 10 years as their careers were on the rise. However, their romance eventually ended in 1991. Downey has been honest about not being the best boyfriend due to a persistent drinking and drug habit. The two have since found love and married, Parker with actor Matthew Broderick and Downey with producer Susan Levin.

3 Demi Moore and Emilio Estevez

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In the ’80s, there was a group of young actors known as the Brat Pack. They were in a string of hit coming-of-age and teen angst movies throughout the decade and included such actors as Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall, Ally Sheedy, Rob Lowe, Demi Moore, and Emilio Estevez. With all the time they were spending together, it’s no surprise a few romances sprouted up among members of the pack. The one between Moore and Estevez was one of the most popular. The two dated for several years and were even engaged at one point. However, the two would eventually split and Moore went on to marry actors Bruce Willis and, later, Ashton Kutcher.

2 Cher and Tom Cruise

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During the mid 1980s, music icon Cher was enjoying her boy toy Tom Cruise. (This is before Cruise was the mega star he is today.) Despite the 16-year age difference, the couple made a romantic connection, one Cher fondly remembers and speaks of to this day. During an interview in 2008, Cher said, “He was so wonderful. And I was so crazy about him.” From the way Cher lights up every time she talks about Cruise and their time together, we have no doubt this is true.

1 Michael Jackson and Brooke Shields

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The first couple on our list is definitely one of the most memorable pairings of the ’80s. When Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, began dating Calvin Klein model and “Blue Lagoon” star Brooke Shields, it was the talk of every entertainment magazine. No other celebrity couple garnered as much fame from being together as these two did, even if many didn’t understand the pairing. They were the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie of their day.

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