Top 5 Benefits You Need To Know About CBD Oil

Although controversial for years, Cannabis is becoming accepted around the United States mostly as a medicinal drug but also recreational in many other states. The benefits of it have been huge, but you don’t have to smoke it to see results. Cannabis Oil, primarily referred to as CBD Oil and even cannabidiol, has been a huge helper in several key problems humans face.

Due to the extreme amount of support it has gotten across the United States, CBD Oil may very well get approved for more things going forward. In many states, you don’t even need a marijuana card to obtain it. Access is still limited, but the benefits are absolutely worth the chance to look into it for your own health.

You might be on the fence on whether or not you want to try out CBD Oil. We at Top 5 decided to show you a few benefits of CBD Oil and what it might help you with, enjoy.

5.) CBD Oil Helps Pain Relief

cbd pain relief

While it has not been scientifically proven that cannabis has healing factors in it, there is proof that CBD Oil can help relieve people from pain and inflammation. The way it works is by inhibiting neuronal transmission in the pain pathways. Treat it like a neurotransmitter affector that you might get via prescription by your doctor, such as an antidepressant like Wellbutrin. You’ll also notice that it is similar to things like anticonvulsants, like Gabapentin which is used for nerve pain. These medications end up affecting mood, even the anticonvulsants, despite not being made for that purpose.

However, many treat it like a high-end drug such as heroin. Many fear making it legal could end up causing significant problems for people and make it sound like a heroin type drug when it’s far from it. From addiction to the possibility of other drugs being consumed, there is worry unwarranted. The fact of the matter is that there are several other drugs on the market that do the exact same thing for pain relief as CBD Oil does and they are perfectly legal. The funny thing is that CBD Oil has less to no side effects.

Many of these drugs considered perfectly acceptable, and they too use nature ingredients as keys to their drugs. So why is CBD Oil so hated for being just like the stuff a doctor would write a script for?

4.) CBD Oil Is An Anxiety Reducer

cbd anxiety

Marijuana is known for being a drug that people use to hopefully escape for a bit from the crazy world we’re in. Most users end up being relatively laid back, which is not shocking by any means as the drug does that. CBD Oils are virtually the same thing as what you would smoke. As mentioned earlier with this being a neurotransmitter affecter, these medicines often affect mood. Of course, antidepressants are under the same drug class.

Rather than take a medication that will affect a ton of brain chemistry and overall health, combined with major addiction like these meds, CBD oil is a good alternative. The basic premise is that due to its factors, it affects mood and thus anxiety issues as well. When you’re calm and overall, your nerves cannot get the best of you, anxiety cannot be crippling. It is like turning a light-switch off, as you won’t expect light when it isn’t turned on.

3.) CBD Oil Helps Against Cancer?

cbd cancer

This is where you may start to hear a lot of mixed opinion. It is being claimed by some that marijuana cures cancer, thus CBD Oils would too. This is not accurate. There is no scientific, one hundred percent way to cure cancer. The hope is to do a few things such as chemo and it might help. However, there is some proof that CBD Oils can help fight against cancer. However, fighting against the growth of more cancer doesn’t mean it can cure cancer already in the human body. However, the help it provides is clearly useful.

In a 2006 study by the Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, their team found for the first time that CBD potently and selectively inhibited the growth of different breast tumor cell lines and exhibited significantly less potency in non-cancer cells. This meant that the oils did in fact work in helping stop production, therefore proving that the medication could fight against cancer. Of course, this was simply involving the breasts but not very major forms of cancer such as bone and liver.

The med works as a compound that is not poisonous to the body like chemo, and it has no overdose worry. A study proved that seven hundred milligrams per day for six weeks did not show a problem in humans involving toxicity. This meant that the CBD could be used for long treatment without, which works out well. Interestingly, there was also data suggesting that it could be used to help stop the invasion of lung and colon cancer cells. Therefore, this was something that was not simply help for breast cancer patients.

2.) CBD Oil Relieves Nausea

cbd oil Nausea

Nausea is one of the most common side effects that you hear about in medication. It is also common in sicknesses you may end up developing. Studies show that low doses of CBD Oil can and has helped in reducing nausea and vomiting levels. While not a one hundred percent go-to for nausea relief, these oils are mainly used for other things. Since they do affect the brain, they’re obviously going to have an effect nausea.

Nausea works in a very interesting evolutionary way. We developed a condition where our inner ear and visual cues would go off if we felt like we were poisoned. This made our ancestors and now us vomit in order to help rid the body of toxins. Nausea is caused by the Medulla, which basically gets a trigger from around the body in a systems check on a regular basis. If the body feels things are not right, the medulla gets the message like a security guard and forces us to vomit to get rid of the problem.

Due to all of this, CBD is a natural medication that effects the brain. Thereby also helping to reduce nausea. However, high doses of CBD have been proven to actually cause nausea. So, overdoing your dose of it can cause your body to not feel right, thus causing it to want to get rid of things.

1.) CBD Oil Helps With Seizures

cbd oil seizures

Medications called anticonvulsants are often given to people with suffer with seizures. The reason has to do with the fact that seizures are brain oriented, thus a neurotransmitter affector can be useful. Often, these medications are used to help with seizures because they help to alter brain chemistry, of which prevents them from happening most of the time. There is not a one hundred percent guarantee one will not have a seizure on these medications, but they are far better off on them than off them as they are specifically designed to help.

CBD’s design is not for seizures, but a happy coincidence is that due to it falling in the family of neurotransmitter affectors, it can help you out. Many people who have had trouble with them have seen how much CBD Oils can help. Plus unlike being on an anticonvulsant, you’re not having to worry about bad side effects that these types of medications push out. That said, it might be a good option for those in your family who desperately need something to help with seizures. While no guarantee, there is no major risk here, which is why trying them won’t be much of a problem.

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