Top 5 Beauty Products Under $20

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You don’t have to be a big spender to look like a high roller. Many of the top beauty products that you find on drugstore shelves are just as good as those sold at department stores. They use similar ingredients and, even better, many cost less than $20 each. The next time that you need your beauty fix, save yourself a trip to the mall or salon and get what you need at the local drugstore.

5 Concealer

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Concealer is a staple in your makeup arsenal to hide dark circles under your eyes and blemishes on your face. For blemishes, use a shade that matches your skin tone. If the circles under your eyes are particularly dark, pair your concealer with one that has a yellow hue.

4 Lip Gloss

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Moisturize your lips and give them a burst of color with a great lip gloss. With a variety of sheer tints to bold colors available, glosses aren’t just for little girls. Find a gloss that matches the rosy color of your cheeks for a go-to gloss that will never fail to coordinate with any outfit. Or use a sheer gloss over your favorite lip stain for lasting color.

3 Mascara

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Give your eyes an instant wide-awake look with the help of mascara. Drugstore mascaras can make your lashes look thicker, longer or curled with a few simple sweeps. Without the help of any other eye makeup, mascara has the awesome ability to make your eyes look bigger and brighter for a wow factor that others will notice. If it’s rainy or humid in your area, you can also find waterproof options for under $20.

2 Tweezers

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The only women who could pull off a unibrow and facial hair are Frida Kahlo and the bearded lady at old school carnivals. A good pair of sharp, strong tweezers is easily under $20, and some manufacturers even offer free sharpening services. When using tweezers, go for a look that emphasizes the natural shape of your eyebrows by plucking strays below and in between the brows. The hairs along the top of your eyebrows form your natural arch, so avoid plucking those unless there are obvious strays.

1 Moisturizer with Sunscreen

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While sun-kissed skin may look hot, skin cancer is not. Unless it’s for nighttime use, your moisturizer should always contain SPF that protects against UVA and UVB rays. Look for a product that offers at least SPF 30 for the best hydrating and anti-aging effects. Today, it’s simple to find moisturizers with sun protection for as little as $5—even tinted moisturizers for your face—at your local pharmacy.

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